Game Theory: Is This Game Hiding A Cult? (Kanye Quest 3030)

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Back in 2013, a RPG Maker game was released called Kanye Quest 3030. AS far as we know, this was not an official game from Kanye West and his team, but it did include his digital likeness. Why am I bringing up this game? Theorists, I think there is a dark secret hiding within it. An ARG with some... less than pure intentions. It is time to unravel the mystery that was Kanye Quest 3030.

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writer: Matthew Patrick and Ryan Sheehan
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

nature views
nature views преди 19 часа .......
Lord_Khan преди 3 дни
Pyramid...Software...Hackers recruiting peolpe...wait a minute
histrion2 преди 3 дни
So the fact that web pages mentioning Ascensionism existed a "whopping" five years before the game was released is supposed to convince us of its reality? I think it's far more likely that either Phenix (1) was playing a long game or (2) created an even less famous game before KQ3030 that also linked to Ascensionism.
Andrew Gallagher
Andrew Gallagher преди 4 дни
I'm disappointed in you MatPat, you misquoted Kanye. He said, "I am A god". A god (little 'g') is not the same thing as saying I am God.
Jam Wollf
Jam Wollf преди 4 дни
I honestly didn’t think Matpat would actually use Ed crouse from the GT live episode
bob 2
bob 2 преди 7 дни
Antonio Coleman
Antonio Coleman преди 8 дни
No..... They ops these days
Antonio Coleman
Antonio Coleman преди 8 дни
Try saying op.... Cause it's a way to be hip.... Plus I'm tryna get get back at my bro
Lilac Gemini
Lilac Gemini преди 8 дни
when aren't we going over cult recruitment practices on game theory the channel
Daniel A Alonso
Daniel A Alonso преди 8 дни
Nice can't hit the like hopefully my cousin can
Han 68000
Han 68000 преди 8 дни
All I’m saying is Ascensionism sounds a whole lot like a discount Scientology.
Darlynne!! преди 8 дни
Calling it now, he’s gonna do Toilet in Wonderland
EpicCwaniaczek123 преди 9 дни
10:50 eternal atake
Rambowcatplays преди 9 дни
The church of Kanye East still is better tho
Daniel Thunderson
Daniel Thunderson преди 10 дни
I believe the reason no one has interacted with the people who gave information is because they want to google earth your location. If you're secluded, you will get kidnapped or taken or something, but if you're in a city or town where lots of people are about, they may leave you alone.
Neha Pande
Neha Pande преди 11 дни
I bet they gave up because people did not figure it out earlier 😂
omniboy преди 12 дни
can't wait for the theory connecting the ascensionism to little nightmares
Dick Pennington
Dick Pennington преди 12 дни
If you want to learn more about this I suggest watching nexpo's video on Kanye quest
Ming Fan Zhang
Ming Fan Zhang преди 13 дни
Callmemarty преди 13 дни
I have met Kayne west and ill prove it just ask me.
megfil megkats
megfil megkats преди 13 дни
Is it just me or does the "Can we get much higher" part on the song Dark Fantasy really fit with this?
Mannuell Juan
Mannuell Juan преди 13 дни
ASCEND:Achieve To Heaven Dio gone to heaven:YES DO IT JUST DO IT
Spr.l преди 14 дни
Its a fact theory now
Commenter преди 15 дни
Wow love every new videos!.
You want My name?
You want My name? преди 15 дни
garbaggage преди 16 дни
im suprised mat didn't say "kanye like the video"
burn преди 16 дни
Hey MatPat can you do a theory of how strong Robert Waterson is
Sam Parsons
Sam Parsons преди 17 дни
I put in my info in and stayed up all night with a pistol i happened to get robbed that same night and although panicked at first the robbers had nothing to do with the game
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson преди 17 дни
If you find this video interesting I really recommend Nexpo's video on this and compare.
Frenzy преди 17 дни
I've watched NEXPOS video about this. Nice to see Game Theory cover this too.
Deko преди 18 дни
Oh, you're finally covering this lol I learned this from Max
Yxvng Swerve
Yxvng Swerve преди 18 дни
#DONDA lmaooo
Yxvng Swerve
Yxvng Swerve преди 18 дни
Canye lmao
Johann GALLAND преди 18 дни
1:17 "the game plays a lot like pokemon" RIP all Mother/Earthbound fans
Phoenix Downer
Phoenix Downer преди 18 дни
If someone gave this video a dislike and told people what they saw, can you sue them for breach of contract?
AnAverageNerd преди 16 дни
pathetic raw
pathetic raw преди 19 дни
Angelfire used to be a website for satanist until taken down about 10 years ago just putting that out there to what all this “ascensions” stuff is connected to
Skylargames 345
Skylargames 345 преди 20 дни
just a suggestion but could you do a theory/theories on a game called slime rancher? There is lots of hidden lore and a slime rancher 2 on the way so if you do thanks so much :)
Frederik Eybers
Frederik Eybers преди 20 дни
Frederik Eybers
Frederik Eybers преди 20 дни
what about gravity falls, who is the 3rd brother,we know stanley and stanford wen der wer tienageers the mam kam in with a baby
K The monster
K The monster преди 20 дни
Yes he does have a cult. Opening property out of the middle of nowhere.....hmmm...yeah
SpellboundWolf преди 21 ден
What is this 'cult' even about? This episode feels empty.
AnAverageNerd преди 16 дни
Mamamax made a video about it that delves into it more
Ruben Barba
Ruben Barba преди 21 ден
Big metal man boy Oooo
Big metal man boy Oooo преди 22 дни
It is time
A Sky Kid
A Sky Kid преди 22 дни
Kaden Trenkler
Kaden Trenkler преди 23 дни
AidenVlogs Sweebroek
AidenVlogs Sweebroek преди 24 дни
The only theorist that knows something about rollin’ down on the deep.
M C преди 24 дни
I agree
Mjm преди 24 дни
Who’s here after Donda
Adolf преди 26 дни
i disagree
Collin Heble
Collin Heble преди 26 дни
This whole scenario was totally a plot for a cleveland show episode..
Danielle Allen
Danielle Allen преди 26 дни
Shut up
Moo_Moo преди 27 дни
My birthday is the 14th of January
Diamond bar
Diamond bar преди 27 дни
smoka cola
smoka cola преди 27 дни
hey diane, thank you for showing me this video, i dont know what the heck this is but its very colorful! kevin's cancer has gotten worse. we think he may not have much time left, be sure to drive out to see us in july, he wants us all to get together for one last party. doctor said it's spread through his spine and is going up to his brain. stay safe, be blessed !
Noneofyourbusiness S.
Noneofyourbusiness S. преди 14 дни
@smoka cola are you okay???
smoka cola
smoka cola преди 27 дни
Hey dear, sorry to hear about Kevin, have you tried rubbing Lavender essential oils and using tea tree oil on his pillow twice a night? Gets the cancer right outta ya! My son in law used it to treat his leukemia and he hasn't had any issues since! we're thinking of using it on our adopted daughter she has a bad case of the aspergers. its either that or an exorcism!
smoka cola
smoka cola преди 27 дни
go back to FNAF this aint it
Noah Bacorn
Noah Bacorn преди 28 дни
my singing monsters theory please.
Inferno Playz
Inferno Playz преди месец
These are some nice Cultists giving you more chances to say no
Justin Lavergne
Justin Lavergne преди месец
I think I know how to get The cult it might be a risky plan but it might just work so I'm just going to get the game and play it and do all of it goodbye my friends I'll see you in 2 weeks maybe this might be my last message bye by Justin
AnAverageNerd преди 2 дни
4 weeks now getting worried
Lexi Burrage
Lexi Burrage преди 2 дни
Fake it doesn't work
AnAverageNerd преди 16 дни
Been 2 weeks and the man hasn't updated us
Ꭱite преди месец
breadpan преди месец
8:03 Ah yes, 420-69
That one guy you saw in the comments
That one guy you saw in the comments преди месец
Ok x12
Moira Blair
Moira Blair преди месец
Hey Matpat please make an Adventure Time theory
Kassy H.
Kassy H. преди месец
And I'm Kanye West
Videostorage преди месец
Do a theroy on ENA.
Macha преди месец
Wait am I tripping or was there already a video on this...? I saw this same video by MatPat but like a year ago!?!?
AnAverageNerd преди 16 дни
A channel named mamamax did a video on kanya quest a bit ago
SantiXD преди месец
Wait, so arg or real thing?
Lenin Samson
Lenin Samson преди месец
“Toto, *we’re not in Kansas anymore..”*
Alyssa Dailey
Alyssa Dailey преди месец
You talked about liking and it reminded me to subscribe to your awesome channel
Eetan преди месец
So, for research purposes... what was the NSFW link he was talking about?
MuzDog преди месец
MuzDog преди месец
michael y miguel
michael y miguel преди месец
my name j
NotGoodAtNames64 преди месец
I wonder how many of these types of ARGs we’ve completely missed due to them being hard to access.
 Borivoj Štigler
Borivoj Štigler преди месец
hmmmmmmmmmmmm phoenix who? PHOENIX SC
&*Pingy gurl*&
&*Pingy gurl*& преди месец
so nordvpn is also on iran?
Jay Ape
Jay Ape преди месец
Bravebacon4 преди месец
The files of Kanye Quest actually don't contain anything that would report back to a server so when you put in your personal information it doesn't go anywhere
Chris преди месец
This is some spoky 2013 Matrix Cult or something idk...
Emperor Oshron
Emperor Oshron преди месец
"Wanna be a member? Wanna be a member?" :P
L3 K0
L3 K0 преди месец
I mean all cults sound positive as they wanna sound like that but tbh unlocking your "potential" no matter your definition of that sounds like the biggest bait there is
Levi Zicafoose
Levi Zicafoose преди месец
Mamamax was 10 parallel universes ahead of you
Dedi Dedi
Dedi Dedi преди месец
i agree mathew
Jaden 605
Jaden 605 преди месец
Imagine if this was taken down
mike gaming
mike gaming преди месец
MamaMax did a great video on Kanye Quest 3030 on his channel, I recommend watching it, it’s really great.
Andreas Jux
Andreas Jux преди месец
I can't believe that a random RPG Maker game got into Game Theory. Gosh I love RPG Maker xD
Griffin преди месец
Idc what is in this game hiding based off of your description now I have to play it
Zen Yahto
Zen Yahto преди месец
Dang! You made a theory about this?! I must of been away for so long... #bingewatchGT
enculturate преди месец
If your personal information is entered into the app, it'd need to be transmitted over the Internet for anyone to take action on it. Run Wireshark as you're filling the form out to see where the app is reaching out to. That could show be an irrefutable link.
AnAverageNerd преди 16 дни
Mamamax made a video about kanya quest that went over this
AnAverageNerd преди 16 дни
Rpg maker dosen't have anything that would allow you to send stuff to servers people have also datamined the game and didn't find anything that sent that info any where
coolindividual81 преди месец
i pinkie promise to keep this theory secret. you have my word.
Poppy Heard
Poppy Heard преди месец
Imagine shifting or reality jumping is just a different way of this
he's watching you he sees every comment in here...
he's watching you he sees every comment in here... преди месец
Therapist: bill cipher 2021 doesn't exist it can't hurt you Bill cipher 2021: 5:30
byrtexploit преди месец
try a TOR browser
LinkIsPink преди месец
may i ask how you did the bitcrush type effect on mat's voice?
Geo Frio
Geo Frio преди месец
The final prize is the whole Donda album
Barry McGrath
Barry McGrath преди месец
MamaMax does a great video on this as well also showing the game wasn't connected to the internet or sending the inputed information anywhere.
Armado преди месец
MamaMax did it first and no mention?
Armado преди 15 дни
@BadSandwich touche
BadSandwich преди 15 дни
@Armado kinda scummy of gt if you ask me
Armado преди 15 дни
@AnAverageNerd if you look up anything about kanye quest max shows up
AnAverageNerd преди 16 дни
Mat might not know of Max's existence
Monburger2 преди месец
Sonicelcra преди месец
Im sure Mattpat would make for a great detective
Nahng преди месец
There is only one 3030 and that is Deltron. But not surprised Kanye is copying someone better at literally ever aspect of the game except marketing.
CreeperSammyB !
CreeperSammyB ! преди месец
arg video game about kanye west? cool
Emanuel Torres
Emanuel Torres преди месец
I know its really late but can you pls do a theory on the elder scrolls?
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