Game Theory: Minecraft, Do NOT Kill The Ender Dragon!

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Welcome back to our deep dive into the lore and history of Minecraft. Today, we are going all the way to the The Ender Dragon. We are talking about the Ender Dragon. Have you ever wondered how or why it is there? Why do we have to hunt it to win? Well, it's a lot more of a tragic story than you would guess. Or maybe you've watched the rest of our Minecraft Lost History series and you KNOW it is going to be sad. Theorists, we need to SAVE the Ender Dragon!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

The Great Mook Mook
The Great Mook Mook преди 3 часа
The Ender Dragon head is powered by redstone, maybe it's a machine. 🤔
KruziDula преди 4 часа
bro no way, the wigs? drawogn??? ur lying.
KruziDula преди 4 часа
i think ur wrong actually
Laith Shwaiat
Laith Shwaiat преди 5 часа
fun fact: you can hatch the ender egg by putting crystals on the portal
block преди 5 часа
You're too late. 10 or 11 years too late.
Jack Wood
Jack Wood преди 8 часа
you cant say elytra properly
Nicholas Nieto
Nicholas Nieto преди 8 часа
Can't you just respawn it?
Scarlet Beans
Scarlet Beans преди 8 часа
Steve, you know what you have to do to the egg
Shadowfoxy3768 преди 10 часа
Matpat: "there is only one dragon" Me: * crying my eyes out *
Utilizator преди 16 часа
For me, the theory that they have hunted dragons near extinction and have realised their mistakes is too simplistic. Still, necesary for those who want to kill animals to have a trophy. They will think (or no) 2 times before doing that.
Reacts of Hafiz
Reacts of Hafiz преди 16 часа
Hey matpat Do a clash of clans theory
NoobyTheCommenter преди 17 часа
Speedrunner status: psychopath.
Cringey Cookie!
Cringey Cookie! преди 20 часа
But i wanna get elytra
Cat Cake
Cat Cake преди 20 часа
Why haven’t you done job simulator I’ve made a theory
Toby Memerson
Toby Memerson преди 20 часа
The dragon egg actually can hatch, you just need to place end crystals around the bedrock portal with the egg in the middle
springtrap преди 21 час
This man really just pronounced it elitra? What an idiot
incapable преди ден
Why Can't We Sleep In The Nether???? Next Theory?
Emerson Jones
Emerson Jones преди ден
Well I just spent 3 weeks getting everything to defeat the ender dragon so yea I'm gonna go ahead and do that anyway I need my elytra
Nutzloser Youtubesuchti
Nutzloser Youtubesuchti преди ден
Ok, BUT HOW did they get the dragons head? If the dragon dies does the dragon explode in a firework of light and xp. So where did this heads came from
Buttercup The Tortoise
Buttercup The Tortoise преди ден
Are we gonna ignore the fact that the builders knew how to break bedrock. In the end on top of those big obsidian pillars, there’s a block of bedrock under each end crystal. HOW DID THEY KNOW HOW TO BREAK BEDROCK
Daisy smiley
Daisy smiley преди ден
you can respon the dragen but when you kill it it dosnt drop a egg so it a mael
Tonix Gaming
Tonix Gaming преди ден
her name is Bertha
bendingtwilight преди ден
the New Mexico whiptail lizard is an all female species so the elder dragon egg might be able to hatch
Choco Taco
Choco Taco преди ден
If the dragon head is an explanation for pre-existing ender dragons it...sure is a shame that we dont get one when we kill jean. (Totally not an argument to the theory)
beeferoni преди ден
ur da's gay
superbroman преди ден
What is Steve who is steve
It's Me KingZet
It's Me KingZet преди ден
Why can the player re summon the ender dragon?
Martin Vazquez
Martin Vazquez преди ден
Cant you revive ender dragons with 4 end crystals?
beeferoni преди ден
you think you cant revive ur grandma with 4 meth crystals
Tyler McWeeny
Tyler McWeeny преди ден
Matt you forget the ritual to hatch the egg at least 10 times you even get an advancement the time you do it.
Usman ahmed
Usman ahmed преди ден
Fun fact:endermites are parasites that turned the ancient builders into ender men
Oliver go brrr!
Oliver go brrr! преди ден
Theory Question: Due to the fact that redstone and world generation works differently in Bedrock, would it be safe to assume that Minecraft Java and Bedrock are both set in a different universe? Unsure how this'll affect the Minecraft Lore though, since most implications would just be that Soul Sand contains more power in the Bedrock universe (because harder Wither boss fight), Bedrock's universe takes place on a far later time than Java (since the chances of abandoned villages are higher in Bedrock than in Java, iirc), and that the world is slowly deteriorating in Bedrock, because of the 'Farlands' millions / billions of blocks away which basically glitch out the game in the event you are in there...
The Wither
The Wither преди ден
Just pot a ender crystal and summon it again and kill it again
Familie Strkljevic
Familie Strkljevic преди ден
My theorie: The shulkers are shells. Let me explane: The endermen dropps enderpearls, a shulker looks like a shell and pearls in the real world are comming from shells. A shulker looks like a shell too,and they can teleport like the endermen. So maybe the builders kill the shulkers to get the enderpearls.
Chocolateblocks Babobaegchi
Chocolateblocks Babobaegchi преди ден
well now we know why endermen pick up blocks, they are nodding their head to their old ways and cultures
cynthia kangai
cynthia kangai преди ден
When i play i will never kill jean plus i have never kill ed an ender dragon not a lie mostly i am in createive mod
Ronal Godinez
Ronal Godinez преди ден
I love your videos and thery
The Dying Android
The Dying Android преди ден
My one problem with the theory is that the dragon can be summoned/hatched in the end by use of crafting the crystals and placing them around or on the pillars and the egg in the middle.
Mario Boy W
Mario Boy W преди ден
The last ender dragon is protecting its egg so that it's species can live on. but then Steve kills it
Sav! преди ден
"Someone tried to protect the ender dragon by placing the end crystals" It obviously was Mumbo Jumbo, Peace, Love and Plants.
Another_trans_boy преди ден
i think it’s important to think about how defeating jean is the only way to leave the end. another really big thing is that you can revive her, so it pokes a lot of holes in this.
Dimond360 _
Dimond360 _ преди ден
Remember that if you replace all the end crystals in the end you can resurect the dragon
Croustille Fraiche
Croustille Fraiche преди ден
Narrator: …The ender Dragon shouldn’t be able to fly. His wings are to small… Me: bruh.
Randomlyposts преди 2 дни
Dam this straight up made me cry 👁💧👄💧👁
molten blade
molten blade преди 2 дни
Wait a minute, What if Jean’s egg *WAS* fertilised? We can’t actually confirm if it was or not. In fact I believe there may one day be an update which allows you to hatch them or something. But even if the egg is fertilised, The child may have died in the egg, But, The next thing. *Why does the egg teleport?* and, Second, *How can we confirm it is an egg?* I believe the egg is alive because it TP’s, And the egg might have already hatched too, Maybe that egg we find after making the dragon is *just the shell?* If you see this game theory, Please take this into concept in your next theory. Edit: Like so the creator’s see, We need to get the most likes so maybe we’ll get more info on the dragon! Like goal: 30K
Hot Blade
Hot Blade преди 2 дни
"...there are ender crystals spread across its habitat that are capable of healing it." Speedrunners with a pack of beds: *Are you sure about that?*
B R U H преди 2 дни
Talk about the respawn thing you can do in the end
lowkeys custom cars
lowkeys custom cars преди 2 дни
Ya know how the ender dragon goes down to give you a chance to strike?? What if thats jean fertilizing the egg, it just takes more than steves lifetime because there is only one female, no male. So we dont see the egg hatch because it takes more than a lifetime to do so. I believe there are more ender dragons out there, but their so far away that jean physically cant do it, but if you dont kill the ender dragon, the egg hatches, leaving the baby to find more dragons, to make a new life, to make more....
Lina Small
Lina Small преди 2 дни
What about the fact you can respawn the elder dragon
Connor West
Connor West преди 2 дни
Lol my middle name is Jean :0
Sussy Boy
Sussy Boy преди 2 дни
so your quite off on detail let me explain the survival, the hunters killed the other ender dragons they did, but the enderman protected the last egg, wich was fertalized. then enderman built the towers with the end crystals for the ender dragons baby survival to, they fed the ender dragon THERE FOOD for the ender dragons survival. thats more detail for ya.
K1-B0 / KEEBO преди 2 дни
One thing I want to note it that you can respawn the ender dragon by place end crystals on the bedrock thing in the middle of the area
Nememe преди 2 дни
I came for a entertainment, got preachy environmental messenge. Nice
Skeppy fan _
Skeppy fan _ преди 2 дни
Matpat do deltarune chapter 2!!!! pls
Arjun Sunil
Arjun Sunil преди 2 дни
Huh. wait a second. you can respawn the ender dragon using end crystals. As you said they are capable of building Obsidian towers and end crystals, They could have tracked down the other sites where they have previously killed them and build obsidian towers and respwan the dragons. Maybe its because they didn't know this, they lacked the materials needed or a combination of both
Abnormal Rocks 🪨
Abnormal Rocks 🪨 преди 2 дни
People of the internet what if, what if that one Netflix Minecraft story is actually the past and is the past of the EnderMen. What if the fact that the main character (aka the person were playing) has a pet pig is a hint to the zombie pigmen
Rami Jamleh
Rami Jamleh преди 2 дни
we can re spawn it ?
amirmahdi HOHO
amirmahdi HOHO преди 2 дни
i can say just one thing that me or my friends don't play minecraft to kill dragon or end the game and i don't realy care about endermans or dragons so pls stop and make vidoe about other games it is realy cringe to make story for a game that dosen't have -_-
Okami no Tamashi
Okami no Tamashi преди 2 дни
Mat: African elephants Also Mat: *showing image of an Asian elephant*
Fallen King
Fallen King преди 2 дни
Anyone remember Ronni ;-;
Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams преди 2 дни
Is the elytra wings from the end secret on or phantoms because u use phantom membrains to repair elytras
Lemuel, The Aided One
Lemuel, The Aided One преди 2 дни
The Dragon Egg can hatch by rebuilding the End Crystals. Play Minecraft more.
Joey Miteff
Joey Miteff преди 2 дни
You can respawn the dragon using end crystals
Andrew Milligan
Andrew Milligan преди 2 дни
I feel like people are forgetting a key feature. The ender dragon can be respawned by end crystals. The dragon is actually an infinite being but can only be one at a time (at least by the time we are playing). But theres also something else bugging me. An eye of under is created by an ender pearl, but if the ancient builders are the ones who made these crystals... where did they get the ender pearl? The ghast tear makes sense but the ender pearl doesnt
YCREATOR2 преди 2 дни
Also I think the dragon was preserved because SOMETHING is in the void (that explains why you take damage in void) and the dragon protected the end from the thing
Someone Someone
Someone Someone преди 2 дни
HEY GUYS, TODAY WE WILL BEAT MINECRAFT BY accidentally exploding the entire end with the nuke mod, BUT HEY, THAT DRAGON IS STILL ALIVE
Friend’s преди 2 дни
But Matt Pat you missed something you can respond the ender dragon all you have to do is place in crystals where the portal is in the boom another end of dragon maybe that’s why we still see one in the end we get there
Logan Roussey
Logan Roussey преди 2 дни
You know if you have 4 end Crystal's and put it on the 4 sides of the portal in the end you can hatch the egg
LJ_Dude преди 2 дни
The egg can hatch by using the crystals though... What's your theory on that? Is it maybe just a reincarnation of Jean using the genetic material of the egg or something?
Jianlu Zhu
Jianlu Zhu преди 2 дни
how can we respawn the dragon then hmmm pretty sus there matpat
XTra Saus
XTra Saus преди 2 дни
You brought up a point in this video that has made me reconsider your ancient humans become endermen theory. If the ancient humans that went to the end built the crystals for the enderdragon, then that means they needed eyes of ender. Eyes of ender can only be crafted with ender pearls, which are only dropped by killing endermen. How did they build the crystals if they become the enderman that are needed to kill to craft them to begin with?
TheRookieGamer преди ден
wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff
E преди 3 дни
Hey Matt, Jerry call and uhh, he wants his bee movie quote back.
Suzanne Gibson
Suzanne Gibson преди 3 дни
what if hero brine was a survivor of the ancient builders
Kendrick преди 3 дни
hold a fricking second why can we respawn but those builder guys cant
Benjamin Cooper
Benjamin Cooper преди 3 дни
I know I’m late but I think the builders wiped out the dragons long ago. Think about what we know about them. They have some control over life and death and they’re experts when it comes to building cybernetic organisms if the Guardian is anything to go by. Then we have a dragon, that’s energised by manmade crystals forged from tears of souls, that’s immune to poison, wither and everything except instant damage, and dragon heads which are activated by redstone. I think the builders killed the last dragon, and realising their mistake, they used what they had to build their own.
Lickow3 преди 3 дни
Who can kill the last dragon the fastest
FrogBaby преди 3 дни
*screams in bee movie reference*
Laurel Pratt
Laurel Pratt преди 3 дни
Speed runners:exist. Game theorists: im going to ruin this guys whole career.
Fazbear_Fighter преди 3 дни
you can hatch the egg...
Savio Rayan
Savio Rayan преди 3 дни
What about respawning the dragon
Devansh Kumar
Devansh Kumar преди 3 дни
I think elytra was made of phantom
MidoRick преди 3 дни
If they could defeat the dragon, then why they did not escape from the End?😐💔
Jazzy king Jack
Jazzy king Jack преди 3 дни
I have a question for film theory how big is the rat in Lady and the tramp cause rats can be big but I'm wondering how big is the rat in that classic movie. Or even if it is a rat at all I'm just curious.
_ ThishIshNicky _
_ ThishIshNicky _ преди 3 дни
I just thought of something, Ik it’s nothing about the dragon but here. What if the piglins are not afraid the blue fire but the souls in the soul light? My theory is that the souls of the ancient builders that tested on the pigs by mixing a builder’s and a pig’s soul and turns into a piglin? The nether is like heck so maybe the builders did something really bad to them. And the reason why the piglins aren’t afraid of the other undeads is because they don’t recognize them. (What do you think?)
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr преди 3 дни
*The Ender Dragon attacks. |Fight| |Act| |Item| |
Super Mayonnaise
Super Mayonnaise преди 3 дни
Maybe they were farming the dragon, keeping Jean alive for eggs to hunt and keep the population up?
Cat’s n gaming 2407
Cat’s n gaming 2407 преди 3 дни
Mat pat could u do a theory about why basalt is the one the few blocks that are in the nether and over world
princess Pizza
princess Pizza преди 3 дни
I have a question what does the gas play in this so video saying they kind of like machines and that they were humans that's why they're crying I'm an evil overlord or something but why and how
Will Reese
Will Reese преди 3 дни
I thought if you leave the egg in the end the enderdragon respawns
tomi graphictee
tomi graphictee преди 3 дни
thats it im making an ender dragon family mod no more extinction for them
asoenii преди 3 дни
Bam Jam
Bam Jam преди 3 дни
if emeralds are so rare to find in minecraft, then why do villagers have so many?
AveragePuroEnjoyer преди 4 дни
Damn, that got emotional
gamer3000 преди 4 дни
Me:plays minecraft for 8 years and never beat the ender dragon 😞 Also me when i see this video :🥶💪😎(😞)
GALAXYS Gaming Tips
GALAXYS Gaming Tips преди 4 дни
Me: the ender dragon being my most favorite boss. my friend: wither beats ender dragon
S GAMINGS преди 4 дни
what if amethis geods are metors and befor 1.17 there was volcanic eruption and as the time passed volcanic ash turned into tuff
Azath0th преди 4 дни
But what about the ritual to hatch another dragon?
Soup Frog
Soup Frog преди 4 дни
But the egg can be fertilized by the crystals
Mad Lumine
Mad Lumine преди 4 дни
Bruh we could summon one when we could Jean
OPHardcoreDude преди 4 дни
the ender dragon is immune to all status effects and also gets healed by its crystals. when the crystals are destroyed, the ender dragon cannot be healed anymore. it only attacks the player, no matter how many mobs attack it. the ender dragon has a certain path that it always take. it goes through the obsidian pillars, flies around them, then perches, no matter how low it's health is. also, the dragon head can be powered by redstone... this makes me wonder whether or not the dragon is actually alive, or whether its a robot programmed by the ancient builders to attack anyone who wanted to follow them. the end crystals also act like batteries to power it.
TheRookieGamer преди ден
this also explaines why it "explodes"
Lorc преди 4 дни
you can respawn the dragon
CC Fragments
CC Fragments преди 4 дни
Uhh you can hatch the egg using crafted end crystals soo yea
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