Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF

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We need to talk about the FNAF franchise. This is a franchise that has meant so much, not just to me and the channel but to the entire community that formed around it. There is a lot to cover and I hope you'll take the time to watch to get my point of view on everything that has happened recently.

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

LegendStormcrow преди 19 минути
He used to make Christian games. Of course he was pro Ben Carson
Parker Frank
Parker Frank преди 58 минути
as a person of the lgbt community i though you explained the part about how hurt a lot of us are very well, cause I know a lot of us were hurting when we found this out. I see a lot of comments about how "people are allowed to have different opinions" being anti-lgbt(which im not saying scott is, but the politicions he supported sure as hell are) is just being anti-human rights. everyone deserves equality and I loved how Matt talked about american politics because of how politicized basic human rights are, and the left and right arguing over it is pointless because in the end it hurts EVERYONES freedom. its a damn shame shame so many people are against basic human decency and respect. No matter someones skin color, or sexuality, or gender, or religion, people deserve RESPECT, and that goes for everyone
Cameron McCrea
Cameron McCrea преди час
Mat, I applaud you for encouraging people to form their own opinions, instead of telling people how to think. Not many people do that these days.
Bombfire 189
Bombfire 189 преди час
Matpat I feel like would be an awesome owner of fnaf because he is the only person that really knows the lore other then Scott
PestilentSabreS преди час
As a member of the lgbt community I don't hate Scott,and I never will, at the time of donating to that politician he may have not known that that person was anti lgbt. I don't think its any of our business to even dig deep for that information. Everyone just has to respect that not everyone will have the same opinion as you. And to the people who sent death threats and doxxed him, you should be ashamed,not only is doxxing illegal,but it puts Scott and his family in danger.
Geahk Burchill
Geahk Burchill преди 2 часа
SooOooo, frightened little b*tch makes popular horror game. That checks out.
اسكريم خبزز_7112
اسكريم خبزز_7112 преди 2 часа
They’re going to hell either ways
Maddie Mueller
Maddie Mueller преди 3 часа
Just saying, what if Scott himself was purple guy? And the original 5 children killed represented each letter in the LGBTQ?
Cotton преди 45 минути
DO NOT SAY THAT TOO LOUDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MURICA 221 преди 3 часа
to me its his money and his life I love the games and most of the community (some people make some weird stuff) its not my place to tell him what to do and I hate cancel culture
GTACrunchTV преди 4 часа
Scott can support the republican party and still be pro lgbtq. Idk how people would feel betrayed just because he supports the republican party.
JDGDK преди 4 часа
Dude, i love you
Madgummy преди 7 часа
I finally got up the courage to watch this video, as I KNEW this whole situation was crazy and just didn't want to deal with it. Thank you, Matthew. This was honest, balanced and measured. It affirms my respect and admiration for you and the rest of the Theorist team.
Can I have a Venti
Can I have a Venti преди 10 часа
I hate politics
Not Yours to know
Not Yours to know преди 10 часа
Mat is speaking fact
Tyrankoos преди 13 часа
Most countries want to do harm to us cuz we f*** them over in the first place
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi преди 14 часа
You support haram I won't anymore like you
Alex Austin
Alex Austin преди 16 часа
It's not about anti LGBTQ it's about not drone bombing kids in the middle east. If you're still a democrat then you haven't been paying attention. The recent bombing killed 2 us humanitarians and 8 kids in kabul. A second example is Obama's strike on a Syrian restaurant killing a 16 year Old from Colorado.
Since The Fawn of Time
Since The Fawn of Time преди 18 часа
For me, a transgender bisexual who has had fnaf as a large part of her life, this hurts, and it sure as hell is awkward. I don't personally support scott, and i most likely never will. But I'm simply unable to just, abandon fnaf. Thank you for being open minded and fair. PS: love the s/o to old memories, top tier stuff right there.
nature views
nature views преди 18 часа .....
iambestboi преди 23 часа
He's not retiring fully but is retiring yes but he will still help make the games but not at full capacity like he used to which still makes me happy know he won't end fnaf and he will still be here
The Life of Rylee and family
The Life of Rylee and family преди ден
Bernice преди ден
Can we talk about how good of a parent Matt is for teaching his son such an important lesson at a young age? Like, his son will grow up understanding something a lot of people would come to face at a later age
Bernice преди 20 часа
@TheAdvertisement he's an amazing dad. Him and Steph are great parents
TheAdvertisement преди 20 часа
He's a great dad.
Zacchaeus Martinez-Arch
Zacchaeus Martinez-Arch преди ден
Cryptid Gaming
Cryptid Gaming преди ден
If you buy a ice cream from a ice cream shop and then the ceo sports something you disagree may seem like betrayal but first think he has his own thoughts and own reasons we'll in any ways we are all human and all have are own thoughts
Cryptid Gaming
Cryptid Gaming преди 20 часа
Yes exactly we are all humans and should accept other people choice and I say this because he was sent hate and death threats if you don't support him it's OK but hate and death threats if you don't like fnaf don't interact with it
TheAdvertisement преди 20 часа
Exactly, fans get way too personal. At the end of the day a BGpostr or game maker's money should be no more your concerns than a CEO's.
J преди ден
In the end, Scott went down as the eternal Chad.
Andrew Ramlall
Andrew Ramlall преди 16 часа
He would rather die on his feet than live on his knees, gotta respect that
terrirheabates преди ден
So the series will never be complete and we will never know how or in anyway if ur theories are correct and we'll never know the complete timeline?
Noobyer преди 8 часа
No Scott said someone he trusts will continue FNAF
Atheon, Time's Conflux
Atheon, Time's Conflux преди ден
welcome to today's world, you can't have different opinions and you can't take your money to do the things that you want to, if scott likes a politician it doesn't mean that he puts every word of that politician in a pedestal, and, if you actually and actively do that, if you support every word that your liked politician does and says, YOU are the problem, YOU are maneuver mass
TheAdvertisement преди 20 часа
Exactly, you're only helping pin the partied against each other.
shrekster66 преди ден
Matt should be the next Scott cawthon
shrekster66 преди ден
Goodbye Scott 2004-2019
Crow преди ден
Gabbard is a democrat in name only. But both sides are right nowadays. This is not the place for these kinds of talks, probably...
Griffin Meanix
Griffin Meanix преди ден
15:14 italian pat
Tamaki Amajiki - Suneater
Tamaki Amajiki - Suneater преди ден
Stuff like this is exactly why I support the works someone makes, rather than the person themself. That being said, fantastic video on all this, the approach you took on this issue is amazing
TheAdvertisement преди 20 часа
Yeah I highly support this, though at the same time Scott really didn't do anything wrong either.
Foxy's Cheesepuff Factory
Foxy's Cheesepuff Factory преди ден
People do not know how much this series ment to me when I heard the news about Scott I went into full blown depression I didn't eat or anything I was heart broken People can think what they want and that's ok but Five Nights at Freddy's will always live on and help people if your in the LGBTQ+ community that's ok if your a Democrat that's ok if your a republican that is ok just don't make threats to Scott or anyone who supports what they think is right in that matters what matters is that FNaF was here for all of us when we needed it and I as a human being love and respect this series I don't know what I would do if it didn't exist I will miss Scott but FNaF helped so many and if you don't care ok you don't care but don't shoot down ideas or think some people are good or bad were all people and we are all equal Scott enjoy your retirement you deserve the best in life Thank You and I appreciate all you've done for me and this community thank you so much and Matpat you did a good job expressing and showing all of us what in all Scott did thank you as well I'll support you and your work nomater what you believe in I care and love you and your channel you and Scott and everyone in this matter deserve the best and most fulfilling life you want or need it's ok whatever you are but thank you all of you this community ment more than I could ever say but thank you all of you. -Sincerely FOXYS CHEESEPUFF FACTORY
Nate преди ден
You're so awesome man. Thanks for being an ally
Foxy the Pirate Fox
Foxy the Pirate Fox преди ден
Thank you Scott, your generosity and your franchise love on forever. Seya on the flip side matty. ❤
Lawliet31101979 преди ден
The left being cancer as usual.
This Random Person
This Random Person преди 19 часа
Nah, saying things like this makes you automatically worse. People had a right to be mad.
TheAdvertisement преди 20 часа
The radicals on both sides being dicks to each other and getting innocent people caught in the middle, as usual.
HicChie преди ден
So are we cancelling Scott ?
TheAdvertisement преди 20 часа
Dude no
DonnaDdDddd преди ден
Trump's foreign policy is like insane so that's sus too lol
tigerheart89 преди ден
I think like this EVERY TIME I hear people complain about a single topic or person. It drives me crazy how simple minded people think sometimes. Just because the person is against you on something doesn't mean you can't support a thing that person is involved in. I support Big Cat Rescue and I have for years. I DO NOT support the owner cus she is crazy but I support the care of those animals.
Hazbinknight преди ден
I dont like pride month cause im runing out of compliments
Hazbinknight преди ден
Sorry for my poor choice of words and not that many words
Pokemogamer5394 преди 2 дни
I am wondering who is going to be the new owner
Golden FanGirl
Golden FanGirl преди ден
same :0
honey b
honey b преди 2 дни
this comment section is vile, people also have the right to be hurt over other peoples actions even if they had the right to do it, but they only forget about that when its convenient
honey b
honey b преди 2 дни
your explanation of his political views made it 100 times worse for me, i cannot support any of that im just sad and disgusted
SageArtzー преди час
Leon Soemartono
Leon Soemartono преди 2 дни
This wasn’t a game
Andreas Otto Hansen
Andreas Otto Hansen преди 2 дни
Someone with money, with a well thought opinion about his political choices, and still smart enough to not bend to the vocal crowd of asshats who wants apologies and if you give them that, they will never leave you alone, cause they know you will just do as they say again? No matter on what points we disagree on, Scott should be a trendsetter for that alone.
Warm Milk is good fight me.
Warm Milk is good fight me. преди 2 дни
I can’t finish this, I’m tired of hearing stuff like this but I’m sure some of you can, it’s just a lot of negativity. But I would like to say I think what Scott did (although I don’t like it) has a fair reason, and no I don’t aspect apology from Scott. But Scott is a kind man and everybody makes mistakes. I’m my option a lost a little respect for him but he’s still a good guy so try to not be so harsh.
Noobyer преди 8 часа
@Michael Johnson Scott has donated thousands of dollars to people in need and u call that a bad thing?
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson преди ден
Scott was and is a terrible person who has spent money sponsoring hate. If you can accept that, that’s on you. Good people don’t do what he did. Good people don’t support or condone his actions
William Wright
William Wright преди 2 дни
I feel like MatPat is one of the _very few_ people who can talk about politics and still be good at maintaining neutrality, even when expressing his personal opinions.
LegendStormcrow преди 10 минути
Mono And Six
Mono And Six преди 2 дни
Wtf Scott I mean really
SpaghettiConsumer преди 2 дни
What? 😂
Keely Kruger
Keely Kruger преди 2 дни
I love mats view on the whole situation on politics like I feel like just not voting half of the time cause both has something bad to them that I don’t agree with
Ash Lava Kat
Ash Lava Kat преди 2 дни
10:04 actually old memories was created by "AbbySfm" matpat. Heres her link:
CHEESE преди 2 дни
Now do FNAC
Nicolas Koutsourais
Nicolas Koutsourais преди 2 дни
Matpat I love your show, been watching you for close to ten years, please don't take offense to this. But mat if you werent rich you would be a communist.
Nicolas Koutsourais
Nicolas Koutsourais преди 2 дни
@TheAdvertisement because he’s so close to exposing the root of the issues he’s talking about. So close to figuring out why these problems like legislation and political donations happen. He just, doesn’t go all the way. But then again this is a BGpost channel with millions of subs, he has to maintain an image so maybe he does know all that stuff he just can’t talk abt it in a video.
TheAdvertisement преди 2 дни
Lmao no he would not. And what does that have to do with this video?
Jack Tueton
Jack Tueton преди 2 дни
Omg stfu if you actually followed any of these republicans you'd know that they actually support all of these groups.
Jack Tueton
Jack Tueton преди ден
@TheAdvertisement Do you even know what your talking about, and I don't mean just following the mainstream B's narrative that's 100% liberal 100% of the time.
TheAdvertisement преди 2 дни
Uh... no. Scott shouldn't be harassed but this is blatantly false.
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming преди 2 дни
It’s been fun making Matt die from theories…
Birna Jacobsen
Birna Jacobsen преди 2 дни
You for Got about red bear
Sweet Beats
Sweet Beats преди 2 дни
Matt...HAS A SON?!?!!!
ꨄᴘɪɴɢᴜꨄ преди 2 дни
Matpat did you ever confirm Mrs aftons name or existence??
chrovoid преди 2 дни
wher frebear
chrovoid преди 2 дни
no sprigtrab :(
elias dale
elias dale преди 2 дни
Stop cancel culture its that simple. He as every other america are allowed to support whoever they want.
Bananaman7 Yt
Bananaman7 Yt преди 2 дни
FNaF theory: What if Elenor from To Be Beautiful put a sound disk in the necklace that she gave to Sara. Sara was never with skin after meeting Elenor, but just a bunch of spare parts. So when she dropped it the sound disk broke and she revealed what she truly was. (My friend Maddy made this theory)
Vivian Z
Vivian Z преди 2 дни
So the 2% of the population that’s LBGTQDKRJFFH, and even less of that 2% actually know FNAF while the rest are probably too busy correcting people on which 1000 pronoun to use / partying like rockstars. Yup LGBT characters in movies can only be played by people from their tribe, I mean people who went through the victimization….. who needs acting, presidents will be played by actual presidents, video game makers who dare to use colours so it looks like a rainbow in a scene should be replaced by an LGBT, their tribe logo was clearly stolen.
This Random Person
This Random Person преди 19 часа
You sound very homophobic, and if you think we're only 2% of the population, then you need help.
TheAdvertisement преди 2 дни
That has nothing to do with this video.
daniel tilson
daniel tilson преди 2 дни
i am a fan of yours now
Vikouš Čob
Vikouš Čob преди 3 дни
I do not support lgbt, sue me
TheAdvertisement преди 2 дни
Can't do that, but I can respectfully hate you.
TalonsAndTails преди 3 дни
I hate that political stances had to become to prevalent. I think that a creators political views and their creations should stay separate. The internet had no right to go digging through Scott’s finances. And I don’t care what you think about it. I’m sure Scott wanted to keep his political and financial choices private, and you, a stranger on the internet, had no right to go digging that up. It is not your right to know everything about a creators private life. And I hate how Scott felt he had to step away from his work because some internet strangers decided they had a right to his financial decisions. Because they immediately jumped to the worst conclusions instead of sitting down and actually doing research instead of immediately freaking out. And it’s absolutely unacceptable to threaten a creators loved ones. That makes you no better then the person your threatening.
TheAdvertisement преди 2 дни
Well said.
Glorious King Gabe
Glorious King Gabe преди 3 дни
At first I thought without Scott Cawthon Five Nights at Freddy's is doomed, but I forgot that Five Nights at Freddy's is more than just Scott. I wish the developers of the official games good luck with the future of the series. To everyone how hates Scott for his political view, you can hate the guy and I kindly disagree, but how dare you threaten his family. Despite Scott's political donations, I still think he's a great guy who made this every expanding video game series. He's game developer who supports fan games and gives donations to his fans. I haven't seen Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft do anything like that to the scale that Scott Cawthon has. I may not be a giant Five Nights at Freddy's fan, but I still wish the best for this series.
Rourke Bar
Rourke Bar преди 3 дни
When five nights at Freddy’s is dead…
Markus Briggs
Markus Briggs преди 3 дни
just as he's fading the Happyest day music plays
Markus Briggs
Markus Briggs преди 3 дни
Teirdalin преди 3 дни
I've officially seen all of Mattpatts FNAF videos. Quite a magical adventure.
Matthew Cooke
Matthew Cooke преди 3 дни
The playlist is 51 videos and this is the last video what
sector преди 3 дни
Not gonna lie it gets frustrating when people make a big deal of a small issue
Red Eyes
Red Eyes преди 3 дни
I have to say, even though Matpat says that its entirely a valid option to cancel Scott without looking at what his reasoning was, I have to disagree. If you're ignorant enough to not even look at Scotts reasoning and still go against him, then you are not better than an actual ignorant homophobic man who refuses to listen to any reasoning.
《•Akarui•》 преди 3 дни
Remember how the lore was before? Easy and simple. Now we're talking about time travelling ball pits
Food Chan
Food Chan преди 4 дни
6:02 thats so funny you have a son named Oliver i have a cousin named Oliver whos 3
TheProOfAll преди 4 дни
So are they going to make other fnaf videos?
Red Eyes
Red Eyes преди 3 дни
Jakob Wedel
Jakob Wedel преди 4 дни
"I hate American Politics" This right here. Peoples is peoples. I absolutely hate that nowadays we are pushed to hate people that don't agree with us on every little thing. I'm a right leaning Christian like Scott. I generally vote for Republicans. Does this mean I hate Democrats or people in the LGBTQ community? Absolutely not. I think we need to stop drawing conclusions about people because of who they may or may not support and just get to know people for who they are instead of who they like or dislike in politics
Cotton преди 19 часа
@This Random Person What makes you think they want you in conversion camps? And while we’re at it, what actually is a conversion camp?
This Random Person
This Random Person преди 19 часа
I partly agree, it's just hard to believe that someone who likes the lgbt community would donate such a large amount of money to people who want us in conversion camps. It's just very contradictory. Voting for them is one thing but donating money is way too much support, at least imo. Especially because some of those people he donated to are trying to make life a lot harder on the low/middle class, majority of Scott's fans.....
ReallyMan? преди 4 дни
2:23 no ur gonna make it only worse
LitoMikeM1 YT
LitoMikeM1 YT преди 4 дни
well im wondering why tf these people were tracking scotts donations
This Random Person
This Random Person преди 19 часа
It was public info apparently
Mimic преди 4 дни
Disappointed in Scott😞
Noobyer преди 8 часа
It's his decision and i agree with him
vivlodia преди 4 дни
thats it, I finally watched all the fnaf theories in the playlist!!
Alexander Liddell
Alexander Liddell преди 4 дни
Dang i never realised how underrated Tulsi is
THEoneANDonly преди 4 дни
Some fan base for fnaf is weird
Douglas Klakton
Douglas Klakton преди 4 дни
Cooper Sullivan
Cooper Sullivan преди 4 дни
We need matt as the new scott cawthon
Hashim Hussain
Hashim Hussain преди 4 дни
This was two months ago
FoxLife_Real преди 4 дни
If someone doesnt support LGBTQ+ and people lash at him, isnt it his opinion?
CynicalX преди 4 дни
Also Mat, thanks for being cool and reasonable dude. I respect people like you who can express their political standpoints without coming off as a whiny child. EDIT: You seem like a very competent individual to host Jeopardy for a day.
IGN Reviewer
IGN Reviewer преди 4 дни
10:28 the Undertale fandom. The Undertale fandom has almost as if not just as many fan games as fnaf.
IGN Reviewer
IGN Reviewer преди 4 дни
@Cotton dusttale, overtime, undercards, amitale, have a heart, and Undertale RED. And that's 6.
Cotton преди 4 дни
Name 5 finished ones
Dr.Tyrannosaurus Rex
Dr.Tyrannosaurus Rex преди 4 дни
Honestly idc who he supports idc who he donates I don't and I don't bc its his business what you said about the internet is true 100 percent true but also you have to see that the internet let's itself in to people personal lives so it's his business I still love the game and love him I think that his creative mind is amazing I am really sad to see him step down I am I loved his work yeah he is passing the torch but it won't be the exact same it won't bc who ever takes the torch isn't Scott this doesn't mean I agree with who he donates to or who he supports not at all but it really isn't my business honestly how wod you feel that every donation you made or every thing you say behind closed doors goes out to everyone it's none of our business that is all I love your channel I love film theory too as always great work mat❤❤
Skelly_Da_Bone преди 4 дни
I love FNAF and have for the long time and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community it broke my heart to hear what he did.
Toughen Yourself Up
Toughen Yourself Up преди ден
@Useless Neet I thought the comment about what "Scott did", was in reference to vote or support of his own beliefs. Fair.. it's a bit lowkey shaming but.. fair.
Toughen Yourself Up
Toughen Yourself Up преди ден
@Useless Neet Being sad... sure. Disapprovel of money spent is fine. But people outwardly jugding him as if he did something wrong is just disgraceful. Nobody should have attacking the poor guy no matter how they felt about his choices.
Useless Neet
Useless Neet преди ден
@Toughen Yourself Up They really just said it broke their heart. I don't really think that's shaming someone's right to vote. They didn't mention voting at all.
Useless Neet
Useless Neet преди ден
I mean- Matt did just explain one of the many downsides to American politics. Scott was doing what he thought was best with his own money. You have the right to be sad for what he did, just as he has the right to use his money how he sees fit.
ShipShrekt преди ден
Derrick Brinson
Derrick Brinson преди 4 дни
Nice to see that you are able to take up both sides of an issue. You dont know what ppl who dont agree with you on social issues believe. Glad I unsubscribed.
Rae the Scarecrowlover
Rae the Scarecrowlover преди 4 дни
I get it dude. You don't wanna give up the francise because you profit off of it. You're only human. Maybe you could donate all the money you make from your FNAF content to LGBTQIA+ charities moving forward? You probabily won't, but you certainly could.
Rae the Scarecrowlover
Rae the Scarecrowlover преди 4 дни
Damn, glad I never got into FNAF. Imagine having money and then donating it to individuals who actively regress the advancements of society. It's like building a bunch of buildings in Age of Empires only to destroy them all with the delete button. Literally burning resources. Pity.
Thousand Dragons
Thousand Dragons преди 5 дни
"We are not to blame. HE did it." -M@RR!0N33TE
Thousand Dragons
Thousand Dragons преди 5 дни
ERROR! Comment not found. Loading cache...FAILED. Fail, comment, retry?
Kate dakat
Kate dakat преди 5 дни
Go republicans!!!
Kate dakat
Kate dakat преди 5 дни
Scott is still da best
a-pile of-owls
a-pile of-owls преди 5 дни
honestly, being pro-military is way worse than being anti-lgbt
Cotton преди 5 дни
in what way?
Maximus Phoenix
Maximus Phoenix преди 5 дни
I'll be honest, at first I thought this was just going to be how these political people whom Scott Cawthon had supported was going to be demoted greatly and that you were just going to talk trash about him for his choices in your talk about him, but that wasn't what you did at all. I greatly respect you Mattew for your ability to take a situation and think about the broad point of view instead of looking something at the value that you orginially see and judge it based on that. My personal point of view about Scott Cawthon has also change but most likely in the polar opposite as most people who support the fnaf franchise, and I respect your opinion just the same as I belive my own opinion. I respect that you took everything that he said and took a look at what you ususally do when voting for a political candidate, as well as reaserching what these political candidate had been looking to fight for and judging based on these things. The bottom line is, I respect you. What you did as far as recessing the situation is something a lot of people today don't do or forget to do which makes my opinion of you greatly increase recognizing your smarts and wisdom. Thank you for your ability to look at something abroad, and for always being able to putting in the extra effort.
abrady0 преди 5 дни
I don’t agree with you but i respect your opinion
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