Game Theory: You're WRONG About Ash's Pikachu! (Pokemon)

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Today is the day, Theorists! The day that I, once and for all, prove that Ash's Pikachu is WEAK! That's right! There is no Level 100 here. Throughout the anime, Pikachu has proved to not be as strong of a contender as we were led to believe. Let's get into the evidence!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee and Thomas Torbergsen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Juan Manuel Cardona
Juan Manuel Cardona преди 2 часа
So how strong is Pikachu in Journeys?
tigresse преди 4 часа
I thought he was level 100
Scott Vermiliion
Scott Vermiliion преди 15 часа
He's also the most powerful Pikachu for his lvl though...
nature views
nature views преди 19 часа .....
Plague Doctor Arzt
Plague Doctor Arzt преди ден
Wait, aren't the Hoenn Battle Frontier and Sinnoh Battle Tower having a specialized kind of challenge where no EXP is gained with your own Pokemon when you can use them? (My hazy memory does not remember this detail anymore, but that's what I remember.) Also, funny enough, Snivy learns Leaf Tornado at LEVEL 16. Still, even with the Battle Frontier and Tower battles omitted and Team Rocket's losses nerfed or even omitted, Even a Pikachu at Lv40 (Yes, pre-Hoenn) with the worst EVs and IVs can't be KO'd by a Lv16 Snivy. These are hypothetical battle calcs of the maximum damage a Lv16 Snivy can do to a Lv40 Pikachu without stat boosts or drops, assuming game calculations are followed: (Lv16 Naughty Nature (+Atk, -SpD) Snivy with 6 Perfect IVs, 252 Atk EVs) VS (Lv40 Mild Nature (+SpA, -Def) Pikachu with 6 zero IVs, EVs disregarded) _Lvl 16 252+ Atk Snivy Tackle vs. Lvl 40 0 HP / 0- Def Pikachu on a critical hit: 11-13 (14.1 - 16.6%) -- possible 6HKO_ (Lv16 Rash Nature (+SpA, -SpD) Snivy with 6 Perfect IVs, 252 SpA EVs) VS (Lv40 Rash Nature (+SpA, -SpD) Pikachu with 6 zero IVs, EVs disregarded) _Lvl 16 252+ SpA Snivy Leaf Tornado vs. Lvl 40 0 HP / 0- SpD Pikachu on a critical hit: 19-24 (24.3 - 30.7%) -- 99.9% chance to 4HKO_ Flipping the switch... Surprisingly enough, A Lv16, 6IV Snivy with a Defense-hindering nature and no Defense EVs but holding an Eviolite (which is Gen 5 introduced) may withstand a Quick Attack from the worst IV, EVs disregarded Lv 61 Pikachu with a low roll. (Lv61 Naughty Nature (+Atk, -SpD) Pikachu with 6 zero IVs, EVs disregarded) VS (Lv16 Mild Nature (+SpA, -Def) Snivy with 6 Perfect IVs, 0 Def EVs) _Lvl 61 0+ Atk Pikachu Quick Attack vs. Lvl 16 0 HP / 0- Def Eviolite Snivy: 39-47 (86.6 - 104.4%) -- 31.3% chance to OHKO_ The main problem is that Lv40 Pikachu can always 2HKO Lv16 Snivy, even if Pikachu has the worst Attack stat and even holds a Lagging Tail to boot, while Snivy is holding either an Eviolite or Focus Sash.
Stefan Dimitrov
Stefan Dimitrov преди ден
Did you really have to spoil the end result at the excel table :/
theodore17 преди ден
In the start of Ash coming to Alola I thought that pikachu would be level 100 and when I heard that he is level 40 I was like: Howwwwwwwww.
•Strawberry skies•
•Strawberry skies• преди ден
So basically the writers of Pokémon have no idea what is happening or why
•Strawberry skies•
•Strawberry skies• преди ден
While writing story's for my yt channel I will remember to think of all the details
Rory Donnelly
Rory Donnelly преди ден
I looked it up in 2020 Pikachu is 100+
Rory Donnelly
Rory Donnelly преди ден
He's still a god
guy dude
guy dude преди ден
You forgot to account for plot levels those are all over the place. Every anime or show in general has to undermine the strength acquired by the MC in the previous arc to make the current arc relevant cause writing a consistent story is unpopular or something.
Anandbg преди 2 дни
Can I know why treeco eating or holding a stick in his mouth when born????????
CWLChaos преди 3 дни
alright, what about sun and moon and sword and shield, when you gonna add those 2 onto his lvl? :D
maxwell pete
maxwell pete преди 3 дни
Kirstin Nichols
Kirstin Nichols преди 4 дни
13340000 of Game Theories' viewers are unsubscribed.
Night Mare
Night Mare преди 4 дни
Fire Boy09
Fire Boy09 преди 5 дни
How strong is pikachu
Liam Sveinson
Liam Sveinson преди 6 дни
What if snivy just had a focus sash and the trainer powered them up with items, no one shot and more damage, just a hypothesis of mine that has no evidence but could be a possibility
Plague Doctor Arzt
Plague Doctor Arzt преди ден
I believe MatPat covered that at the last part. That even if Pikachu has say Lv50, and he has 0IVs in HP, Defense and Special Defense, and Snivy has say 31 IVs in Attack and Special Attack, the damage is still not enough at high roll. Also, the episode did not show the trainer using an X Attack or something during battle.
Leonardy преди 6 дни
that Snivy is a god
BrownRiceBro преди 6 дни
sooo, what about the battles where he get partial exp because he was swapped out midway?
Ryaquaza 1
Ryaquaza 1 преди 7 дни
“I calculated what level Ash’s pikachu is, a task no sane person has ever completed” I mean, technically this hasn’t changed much then
Hrre Grg
Hrre Grg преди 7 дни
You missed the ivs snivey had and his trainer could have had a focus sash then maxed out his ivs before the fight with pickachu by game logic it pauses when you train with bloons in that region so his level 5 could have won cause ash doesnt do ivs
Ayo преди 7 дни
Anime Logic
brocoli el 0
brocoli el 0 преди 7 дни
Game teory just meshoning memes wer created bi you ant onli you reli i know ets bafeling sents de first days of ge teory
Pedro Ivo G.S.
Pedro Ivo G.S. преди 8 дни
Dam you work even harder than Polygon to make each video! The bob-omb video is shocking!
arlaine carinugan
arlaine carinugan преди 8 дни
Ummm, does he not know that zekrom took all of Pikachu's power?
GaiGeeked преди 9 дни
Some else
Øгæñgę преди 9 дни
Where would I put my ash’s dad theory? On the newest video or the newest Pokémon video. I’ll do both. Ok so We know ashs dad has not been talked about since episode two in the Pokémon center call but I have a theory about not exactly who he is but what why he disappeared, ash’s dad is an aura guardian. It may sound weird but the evidence makes sense. Ash has a connection with riolu and lucario and can feel their aura like an aura guardian. We know this power can be passed on from generation to generation, so his dad or mum most likely have this ability unless he is adopted which I don’t think this is true but hey it might happen. Aura is also in every living thing and Ash has a strong connection to righteousness and can understand what a Pokémon wants more than most people in the entire Pokémon franchise. They also like exploring the world like Ash does. Aura guardians will help anyone in need and use their aura power to help. However they have controlled this power, while ash hasn’t yet. But we know he has this power with this piece of evidence, his bond with greninja. His bond with his greninja is special, kinda like mega evolution but different, it seems whenever they go into this form you see blue which is aura colour. However it could also be water but it still shows that he can connect to Pokémon unlike anyone we have seen in the anime or the games. Aura guardians usually catch lucario as lucario can use their aura to heal, attack and protect which can come in handy for them. But however Ash didn’t know about the aura guardians when he got his Pokémon and he didn’t know he had this power. I think his dad either left for a mission which took a long time (years) or got stuck and couldn’t go back and/or died. Or He left not telling ash about his power because he wanted ash to have a different life away from any danger or that ash’s dad was in danger and wanted to keep him safe. That’s my theory of ash’s dad so if you have read the whole thing thanks so much. I may be wrong. If anyone finds any evidence against my theory that definitely proves it wrong please tell me. Tysm again
преди 10 дни
Wow I wish I could be as smort as him
kids преди 10 дни
peaktra kh
peaktra kh преди 10 дни
I guess Pikachu level is 60 and the answers below me up
Kyl Lite
Kyl Lite преди 10 дни
I'm late to the video but hey, I'm here. So personal theory I've had (probably late to this conclusion too) on why Ash is an idiot, besides weak writing, is because he is written for the audience. He is a literary device to help the audience navigate the pokemon world. We do see him learn and get batter as a trainer but he kind of soft resets with each new region my guess to introduce the new pokemon/lore that comes with the new regions plus we know the show doesn't target their older audiences. They've already been hooked onto the games and merchandise so they need to focus on bringing in the new and younger crowd. As much as people dragged Alola for the animation change and some weird Super Sentai/Power Ranger episodes, I have a genuine appreciation for that series. They dedicate more time to showing Ash actively training with his pokemon, he is actually shown to be pretty smart in battles and with pokemon in general, is rather emotionally intelligent, and not so much the punching bag for all jokes like in the original. They still show him as not book smart but they didn't use that to degrade his character. I get OG Pokemon and Alola are written within vastly different eras but character wise, Alola had the better writing.
Abhishek Das
Abhishek Das преди 11 дни
It's 61 welcome
Leon Russell
Leon Russell преди 11 дни
Hey a can you make a video about who is ash true love cause not ash in the anime but real ash irl age is 21 who is love ash through out the entire series
Scared Tiny dog
Scared Tiny dog преди 11 дни
Matpat be insane because he sees the stupidity of ash
why am i here?
why am i here? преди 11 дни
i may or may not be hallucinating but on some episode in gravity falls i saw a unkown? it may be my imagination but maybe pokemon leaked into gravity falls. it probably is my imagination. but i would love to see some kind of of theory behind it.
Ming Fan Zhang
Ming Fan Zhang преди 13 дни
Gagan patidar
Gagan patidar преди 13 дни
Wow he color coded it
Gagan patidar
Gagan patidar преди 13 дни
MatPat gotta watcha em all gotta watcha em all to make theory
CountSi преди 13 дни
I refuse to believe
Agnes Maria
Agnes Maria преди 13 дни
Plot twist he replaces his pikachu every series.
Edge Productions
Edge Productions преди 14 дни
In the beginning of the kalos league pikachu loses to a bunnlbee that I think is around lvl. 22. Sooo... yeah........ I say part 3 and until the end of alola.
David Lockhart
David Lockhart преди 14 дни
im just amazed that pokemon has continued this long. And someone put ash ketchum in the pokemon hall of fame. This dude is running train in multiple countries. Pikachu too, whats the life span of a pokemon? Pikachu is a mouse type, so it living 23 yrs to the date of this comment IS AMAZING!!! Thats a good question, does Ash just get new pikachu because they shouldn't be living this long. Also, how does Ash not age? hes easily in his mid to late 30's by now...
Jonny Lawless
Jonny Lawless преди 14 дни
OR, the games are like Final Fantasy and you only get to do cooler things when your level is high enough, and the anime about it has no mechanics like that because it only shows the Pokemon evolve or learn new moves when they're ready.
Abawiha Gaming
Abawiha Gaming преди 14 дни
Pikachu forget how to battle
Creepers Cavern
Creepers Cavern преди 14 дни
2:35 season 6 = sinnoh 4:35 next up hoenn HMMMMMMMMMM😕😕😕😕😕
Eduardo Sousa
Eduardo Sousa преди 15 дни
Yeah, that would be right, if it was in the games, but in the anime, every hit you land or take seems to acount for EXP, making it so every team rocket blasting of plus Ash's off camera training and all of hiss lost battles would give have given him EXP
TheCJCarter преди 15 дни
I would love to know how complete Ash’s Pokédex is
Robert Gough
Robert Gough преди 15 дни
Probably safe to say 3 things. 1: Pikachu is clearly God Tier. 2: He also has the ever important thing in TV land, plot armor.(Pays to be the face of the franchise eh Pikachu.) 3: Ash is not a good trainer he just lucked out with the most OP pokemon in existance apparently.
Commenter преди 15 дни
PIKA nice mustache
CarrotCake преди 15 дни
Ash’s pikachu: defeats a heckin god Also ash’s pikachu: dies like a moth from a level -1 snivy
Avan Simmons
Avan Simmons преди 15 дни
You say there won't be a part 3. MatPat, what about Kalos, Alola, and Galar?
IHaveANameWow ThatsInsaneDude
IHaveANameWow ThatsInsaneDude преди 16 дни
So I can just use some XL xp candies and beat a pokemon that has been trained for years?
rmhartman преди 16 дни
That was clearly a new Pikachu!
Monnie Gardner
Monnie Gardner преди 16 дни
i just realized matpat's entire theory is wrong pikachu never gets an everstone and never evolves to raichu so its wrong pikachu cant be that high.
Monnie Gardner
Monnie Gardner преди 16 дни
theory idea: The wealth of people in pokemon games this theory comes from you get like 1,000 plus dollars just from beating a random guy or girl off the street.
Nombre преди 16 дни
Daniele Corsa
Daniele Corsa преди 16 дни
I would have said 70, not too far off
AZTEXICAN преди 16 дни
"The person who'd win in a fight is the person that the script writer wants to win!" ~ Stan Lee
caileyanimates преди 17 дни
Yo...dont you know that Ash isn't the 1st trainer of pikachu? Yeah, that means pikachu was op before him even being ashes pokemon so....uhmm, I think you already know what I mean by this so bye
The Almighty Yeet Lord
The Almighty Yeet Lord преди 17 дни
i got a game theory ad while watching this wtf
Cherry Man
Cherry Man преди 17 дни
enderpig преди 17 дни
I don't think it's good to assume Team Rockets Pokémon level up the same as ash's pikachu. No EXP is gained from losing a battle. Also, Meowth is a more interesting case because he rarely uses an attack at all.
Divine realm Tarot
Divine realm Tarot преди 17 дни
Pikachu lvl doesn't matter because he just defeated and interract with God's and God's lvl doesn't matter I just love Pikachu and he is much stronger
GugaHx преди 18 дни
He actually spoiled his level in the excel at 7:40
Snowy преди 18 дни
The reason he lost against snive is because his electric moves were taken away by a legendary Pokémon
Samuel Small
Samuel Small преди 18 дни
Thanks Matpat for making DougDoug’s twitch chat find an anime video Yes very epik video
Starwars Jones
Starwars Jones преди 19 дни
RiskyWorks преди 20 дни
I love how matpat said hoeen spans 4 seasons, ignoring the location of the battle frontier in the anime (it is in kanto) but yeah it makes sense, he means gen 3
el3ctrogamer преди 20 дни
Can't wait for the video on all the other regions
DeprivedCloud преди 20 дни
what if... now hear me out, what if pikachu... took a dive?
Dabi Blue
Dabi Blue преди 20 дни
Dedication is a virtue...but it can also be sleep depriving and insanity inducing.
De10re преди 21 ден
Didn't really need to watch the whole episode as you sorta told us the level when showing off your excel sheet with the total at the bottom....
Lusira преди 21 ден
Jeyawue - Undervirus
Jeyawue - Undervirus преди 21 ден
What is with the comment that snivy might be level 16 because of lead tornado?
Dakota Shroom
Dakota Shroom преди 21 ден
Meowth never learned Pay Day.
dylan hatton
dylan hatton преди 21 ден
Where can I watch seasons 3-9 and 14-19?
Lord Sin
Lord Sin преди 22 дни
i always knew pikachu sucked, and he now sucks even more.
David Campos
David Campos преди 22 дни
I know this is a late post to this video, but I only remember ash taking pikachu to the Pokémon center once. Maybe pikachu red bar
A P E R T U R E: Open Up
A P E R T U R E: Open Up преди 22 дни
Picachu is great I beat the whole game with him!!!
Gleamgo Pengo
Gleamgo Pengo преди 22 дни
acctually the gift ash pikachu in pokemon USUM is level 35 :)
Finn de Lacy
Finn de Lacy преди 22 дни
I have a theory about the Snivey that defeated Pikachu, and it involves *R*. Anyone who has played Detective Pikachu or saw the movie will know what R is. It's a chemical that overpowers pokemon to unreasonable levels for a short amount of time, at the cost of the trainer's ability to command it, and the pokemon becoming extremely angry. I believe that Snivey was given R, and was able to defeat Pikachu because of it. My explanation as to how Sniveys trainer was still able to command it is that at the end of the game, a new version of R was made, and this one had the ability to let the pokemon recognise its trainer. In fact, a common side effect of R is red eyes, and even if they're not blazing red, Snivey has naturally red eyes which could possibly hide this fact. The only real downside to this theory is that R was destroyed at the end of the game, but who knows? Maybe R lives on...
꧁Unicorn Queen꧂
꧁Unicorn Queen꧂ преди 22 дни
my god that intro XD
hieu hoang
hieu hoang преди 23 дни
SmashOnSight 88
SmashOnSight 88 преди 23 дни
Treecko a water type lmao funny asf
izzick brock
izzick brock преди 23 дни
I wish I was him so could have wach the whole thing
Stephen Maund
Stephen Maund преди 23 дни
aidan kerr
aidan kerr преди 23 дни
You spoil the final level when you show the excel spreadsheet at 7:40
Cicikat 548
Cicikat 548 преди 24 дни
Am I the only one who saw the final level on the excel sheet before the reveal at 7:40.
Hrishabh Mittal
Hrishabh Mittal преди 24 дни
7:40 u can see the level
Brian Rosado
Brian Rosado преди 24 дни
1:30 Ok, Pikachu was sick and weakened so is dosen't count. I should know, I saw the episode.
Simon Carter
Simon Carter преди 24 дни
Obviously went into the battle on less health
NeRethil Wolfsson
NeRethil Wolfsson преди 24 дни
Pikachu in Season 1, ep.5: Manages to electrocute to death an Onix, a Rock/Ground Pokémon immune to Electric damage. Also Pikachu in Season 1, ep.77: Loses to a Bellsprout which isn't even ground-type because he's somehow immune to electric. I think we can tell Pikachu's power is whatever serves the scenario.
Joshua преди 24 дни
Interesting theory, but moot: Ash forgot to heal pickachu before snivy
Ace The Pacifist
Ace The Pacifist преди 25 дни
Hello Matpat and other theorists. I have a thing I am working on currently. WHEN TF DOES BLACK AND WHITE COME IN!? I have an opposition, though. I’ve figured out that Black and White come 8 years after Emerald, and emerald is at the same time as Red & Blue(games). My opposition is that whoever sees this helps me out- but you don’t have to! I’m also increasingly working on it as I go along, and once i’m done I will edit this comment with the time! I’m determined to figure it out before Legends comes out! Edit: IT COMES 3 YEARS AFTER THE GAME BEFORE IT. I DID THE(very simple) MATH!
Erik Feral
Erik Feral преди 25 дни
After all that calculation over 600+ episodes, I'd hate to ask for a Theory on One Piece.
Hayveon преди 25 дни
Idea for game theory!: (Pokémon o-o) what are ‘berries’ and what do they actually do? (For example in Pokémon go, you can feed them to wild Pokémon, it either helps the catch rate or ups the amount of that specific Pokémon candy, you may also feed them to your buddy Pokémon for raising friendship, and heal Pokémon in gyms (that are your colour) to heal them, yet in other games these exact berries are inexistent) I haven’t done a deep dive but am interested in the outcome of this theory
Jinaria преди 25 дни
Soo what would Pikachu’s level be in the current anime today?
Tikruqueen_playz преди 25 дни
The level isnt only thing that maters also the trainers level,pokemons type and pokemon level before the start.
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