Pokemon's Biggest Scandal SOLVED! Who's Ash's Father? | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon

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It's happening. Theorists, today Austin is going to uncover the truth of the biggest scandal in Pokemon history. Who is the FATHER of Ash Ketchum? This has long been debated in the community. Well, with the help of SCIENCE, we are finally going to pin down this missing father. It is time to find Daddy Ketchum!

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Corag77 YT
Corag77 YT преди 7 часа
Where is mat pat
Corag77 YT
Corag77 YT преди 7 часа
Where is the real game theory speaking person
Lena Hawthorne
Lena Hawthorne преди 2 дни
For what it's worth, it's canon (or just VERY strongly implied, I don't remember exactly) in the Pokemon Live musical that Delia and Giovanni dated years ago. I've been a loyal member of the "Giovanni is Ash's father" headcanon club for like... decades, mostly because of that. To the point that I actually forgot that it's not confirmed canon lol
Jackie Sharp
Jackie Sharp преди 2 дни
This is soul silver and heart gold ending cutscene all over
YaGurlRy преди 2 дни
Giovanni is most likely father to Ash, Silver AND Mars from team galactic. It's heavily implied that Ariana is Silver's mother being both a redhead AND high up to Giovanni. She shares a similar hairstyle to both Silver and Mars as well. That would also explain why Mars is in a crime syndicate. It's a family business. Johto and sinnoh are really close as well, proven with the Sinjoh ruins in hgss. That means his first child, Ash, was with Delia. Most likely out of wedlock and maybe a fling. Giovanni's second lover was Ariana, to who he fathered two children.
XxMeTa_Zr-0xX преди 2 дни
Max is so annoying, he became Marshadow. Max is Gold while Ash is Red Max: you May have karate kids, i know who can beat them ALL Dawn: hi, I AM MASATO JIRACHI! SOMEDAY, I WILL BECOME SWIKAGE! bgpost.info/post/0Lh3vZixqaGmmmQ/video
DINDONG преди 2 дни
Brock hmm?
M1nd преди 7 дни
or... you could have just asked pokemon themselves on twitter and they would give an answer?
Davis Wadley
Davis Wadley преди 7 дни
Surprise team rocket Jessie and James say Giovanni told Us to keep an eye on you because he is your father
Knil Cross
Knil Cross преди 8 дни
I'm sorry for the dislike but I find you do too many roundabouts in every information corner you find and after a few minutes I just get bored out, I would recommend being more concise with the information, but that is just my opinion for my own entertainment.
Finn -The GoldenCrest
Finn -The GoldenCrest преди 9 дни
I thought Austin was Ash's actual DAD!
marwa преди 10 дни
What if giovanni sends jessie and james to watch over ash, rather than they come to steal pikachu, what if they purposely fail to catch pikachu just to check on ash???
Reverend Squatch
Reverend Squatch преди 11 дни
Silvers hair could have been black but just gotten gray with age
CloudyCloud chan
CloudyCloud chan преди 11 дни
12:26 You got a stack of bloks there man
DeJani Wilfong
DeJani Wilfong преди 12 дни
We all know ash is goku's son bruh
DOGOBLUEFLAMEBOI Blue flame преди 12 дни
I think his dad is red so a
Ivy Snooky Sumatra
Ivy Snooky Sumatra преди 12 дни
Allison Heinze-Villanueva
Allison Heinze-Villanueva преди 12 дни
I love how I learn more from these videos than in my class room
Comrade Kitty
Comrade Kitty преди 12 дни
Sooo. . . 2000's Pokemon Live already cracked that theory open. . .
Ulysses Edens
Ulysses Edens преди 13 дни
Dude Mattpat, nice title card. I clicked on it just to find out what was behind the timer that shows the length of the video. From mobile it looks like, "Who's That Fat-a**" rather than "Who's that father" lmao
Eddie MacK
Eddie MacK преди 13 дни
Imagine if it was a Southpark twist like "The father of Ash Ketchum is Mrs.Ketchum"
Geniee Me
Geniee Me преди 14 дни
You're so funny! Didn't know you were a part of this channel! Thank god you don't use the creepy eyes and the photoshop deformed mouth...
HappyFellowship преди 14 дни
Ok but the pokeball dna strand. Nice.
Commenter преди 15 дни
Hey I’m doing this for fun!
Lee Stoichkova
Lee Stoichkova преди 15 дни
My new motto: "Freakin.... try to stop me!"
jay roblox plays
jay roblox plays преди 16 дни
I think team rocket's boss is the ash boss its hidden in pokemon
zomboss lord of doom
zomboss lord of doom преди 16 дни
"Giovanni you shouldn't be fighting with ash, you should be working together! Imagine how many people you could rob like that." "Maybe you have a point.." "And that starts with you paying for ash's child support Giovanni." "....." "Giovanni?"
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus преди 17 дни
As a heads up...the games do not have any relation to the anime
Xavier Wong
Xavier Wong преди 18 дни
Plot twist ashes dad is mr mime
Justin Robert
Justin Robert преди 18 дни
But. Silver is an old guy. His hair could of greyed like Professor Oaks. Oh no. I've been wasting my life watching this video that is willing to do vast scientific calculations but not consider people's hair greys to keep a narrative going. I got to get out of here.
Faris Ali
Faris Ali преди 18 дни
ignore this whole video the correct answer is mr mime
rd122283 преди 19 дни
I vote silver
Naiitt преди 19 дни
Everyone knows Ash's dad is Mr. Mime.
José Rivas
José Rivas преди 20 дни
His mom is his dad xd
LRO GAMER преди 20 дни
He is Giovanni son
Carnage88 преди 21 ден
Whoa, it's supposed to be SCIENCE, you said, based on the anime AND games, Bruno being a "great" Pokemon trainer, the biggest goof or lie I've ever laughed at! XD
lazyspirit преди 21 ден
Nah we all know ashes dad is mimey
I3astion преди 21 ден
Writing this before the video ends to see if my knowledge lines up. It can't be any of the suggested since Ask knows his father and remembers talking with him (Pokemon the Movie Coco Dec 25th 2020) Oh man that kind of busts the whole thing open for this May 21 2021 video if it's not mentioned further in.
Wilson преди 21 ден
There is an extra contender to consider. Professor Hale from the third Pokemon movie.
jkseraphim4 преди 21 ден
It's been decades but when I was a kid I went to see Pokémon live at Radio City Music Hall. I don't remember much but one stood out that I still remember to this day, that Giovanni was Ash father. Ash mother had revealed it to Professor Oak when Ash had to save Pikachu from Team Rocket. After the show I thought they would do a episode that Ash finds out the truth, since they had showed clips of new episodes that never appeared during Pokémon Live. But when they didn't, I was sad, but after so many years I thought it I was the only one who knew.
Maid Avd9c
Maid Avd9c преди 22 дни
Blue eyes white dragon.
Josh Wright
Josh Wright преди 22 дни
Nobody knows
Alec Birdsall
Alec Birdsall преди 23 дни
Brock's dad did run off and leave Brock to raise all his brothers and sisters alone. Wonder if he had a side thing with Ash's mom and just dipped as well. He even helped train Ash a bit too
Riko J. Amado
Riko J. Amado преди 23 дни
Giovanni: "Murry, I swear I'm not Ash's father. I mean, look at his no-" Maury: "Were you going to say nose? You were going to say nose weren't you?"
YuniX2 преди 23 дни
Honestly, I spent the whole episode being like "What about the Giovanni theory? Why isn't that in here?" So of course it was the "twist" ending.
Kaden Trenkler
Kaden Trenkler преди 23 дни
Kylen Monahan
Kylen Monahan преди 23 дни
Sorry Austin. This is kinda old news. My friends and I were guessing that stuff when I was playing pokemon blue in elementary school.
999 Rox
999 Rox преди 23 дни
Before watching this I think his dad is mr mime because Pokémon don’t age and who else doesn’t age in the Pokémon show ash so ash is a hybrid of Pokémon and human
itsGuy преди 23 дни
The father is a Ditto
Tim Smith
Tim Smith преди 23 дни
hello i work with team rocket
Tim Smith
Tim Smith преди 23 дни
theres a video of ash mother spilling the secret
president noob
president noob преди 24 дни
Aaron Mays
Aaron Mays преди 24 дни
I freaking knew it!!!!
Lyle Tito
Lyle Tito преди 24 дни
Weird how you looked at Professor Oak's childhood heir colour but not Silver's. Also, women do dye their hair. Moms dying their hair red is a common occurrence. Also I love the way you eliminated Bruno... "Hot famous single guys never slept around when they were young." - facts Also Ash looks exactly like Bruno.... His skin is darker because her spends all day shirtless in the sun with the rocks. There are a million reason why she wouldn't tell Bruno. Maybe the baby was an accident and Bruno wanted to be a pokemon trainer.. I personally dont think it matters who Ash's father is. I think there is a canonical answer on a white board somewhere. But it doesn't matter. It wouldn't change anything. unless Ashe's father was a Dito.
Ishmit singh proooooooooooo
Ishmit singh proooooooooooo преди 25 дни
I think the boss of team rocket is the father of fish
𝕛𝕚𝕖𝕓𝕠𝕪 преди 25 дни
The future is now,Thanks to science.
Almer Locsin
Almer Locsin преди 27 дни
ash is a genitix enhance pkomon
SMAJin преди 27 дни
The lengths the Pokemon community go through to figure out who Delia smashed.
Jc Dias
Jc Dias преди 27 дни
Ash dad is Mario!
Eric Actualsoftware
Eric Actualsoftware преди 27 дни
Can I just say...I KNEW IT! I actually had a guess that Giovanni was Ashs dad.
hunty12we преди 28 дни
I think that if this is true we also found out why giovanni turned to a life of crime
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat преди 28 дни
"Upset by the lack of intro?" *I-No, I was clapping-*
Filip Błaszkiewicz
Filip Błaszkiewicz преди 28 дни
Isn't Silver a son of giovanni?
CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado
CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado преди 28 дни
Silvers hair looked grey, couldn't he have had black hair thats gone grey?
(Earth) Ratthanon Apirasamechaikit
(Earth) Ratthanon Apirasamechaikit преди 28 дни
Another you tuber made a theryinspired by you
Nashon S
Nashon S преди 29 дни
But he is a adult when where is around what are you expect him to be older Cuz red is older than ash
Cinder Psycho
Cinder Psycho преди месец
Wait I thought silver had greyish or faded hair color I remember my cousin got silver hair already at age 25 he was darl brown in hair color so not sure that was faire to judge there but I could be wrong.
Gyarren преди месец
What if Ash's mom doesn't _know_ who the father is? Let's face it: "he left to become a Pokemon master" is a way better bedtime story for a young kid than "back in the day, your mama was a ho".
XxMeTa_Zr-0xX преди 10 часа
Max is so annoying, he became Marshadow. Max is Gold while Ash is Red Max: you May have karate kids, i know who can beat them ALL Dawn: hi, I AM PIKACHU MASATO JIRACHI! SOMEDAY, I WILL BECOME SWIKAGE! bgpost.info/post/0Lh3vZixqaGmmmQ/video
Death преди 9 дни
Hmm What if Mister Mime was The father
TheTotalDramaKing преди месец
Giovanni, it would be great
DRAK_47 преди месец
Didn't knew genetics will help here😂😂
Hakikid Amana
Hakikid Amana преди месец
First 10 minutes was useless of information...
Shokker ATURITY преди месец
Me: it's probably gonna be Giovanni or something because plot twist Austin: it's Giovanni Me: yes.
Kate Lavelle
Kate Lavelle преди месец
What if silver dyed his hair silver
That one guy you saw in the comments
That one guy you saw in the comments преди месец
Ok x3
ongpong tv
ongpong tv преди месец
Ash dad is meowth
A Toyota Vehicle
A Toyota Vehicle преди месец
I honestly thought it was Giovanni, but I thought it was too far fetched.
A Toyota Vehicle
A Toyota Vehicle преди месец
Tora Cabey
Tora Cabey преди месец
Are we assuming Ash's mom doesn't color her hair?
ARchika преди месец
What if Silver dyed his hair...to look cooool and match his name with his silver locks ??
Yoni Krotenberg
Yoni Krotenberg преди месец
I don't get why you canceled Siver option, he has grey hair because he is old my father has light gray hair and he had mid to dark brown when he was younger, and skin color? really? ash's mom Is in the house all the time and ash is outside, of course he'll have darker skin, that's called a tan
CouthCommitsOof преди месец
He is an amazing cooperator with MatPat. Why hate him?
Lexa Valentine
Lexa Valentine преди месец
Ash was born from the force
Sebastian Castillo
Sebastian Castillo преди месец
i think silver, might be able to be the dad because he would be possible to had black hear and change to silver because of age
MarsCorporations преди месец
Lol you rule silver out, but maybe his hair is just somewhere inbetween black and grey. I mean hes not the youngest dude around, maybe he used to have black hair but got a bit grey lately.
Gilded AMV’s
Gilded AMV’s преди месец
So were not mentioning the fact that mat pat isn’t voicing this one?
Desoulate 47
Desoulate 47 преди месец
Mr.Mime is the father 🤫
Nashon S
Nashon S преди месец
It is red
greenbanana1001 преди месец
What if his father is the narrator?
Doomed DM
Doomed DM преди месец
Austin do you *realize* how much fanfiction you will release on the internet due to this ?
MuzDog преди месец
Swaggin dragon
Swaggin dragon преди месец
What about brock's father? Ash and Brock could be brothers after all ash does have delia's eyes, just a thought
jkseraphim4 преди 21 ден
Brock has a father. In the original 90's show there was an episode that first introduced Brock. Brock in the beginning was hard and mean to the other trainers but Ash spied on him and saw that he was taking care of his little siblings. Ash later got help by a mysterious old man who after revealing himself, Brock said that was his father and told him how to take care of his other siblings. I can't remember what episode that was but I know it was part of the original series.
varmituofm преди месец
I can't disagree with the science or the conclusion, but I can disagree with this being a game theory. Ash Ketchum is not a character in any main line Pokemon game (and the games he is a character in have next to zero lore).
RayneBowBendyFan преди месец
Plot twist there both the dad
jhunix131 преди месец
Secretly triggered when you showed a clip from fire red
Crismon преди месец
I always thought it was Giovanni!
Gina Salinas
Gina Salinas преди месец
IDK if anyone has mentioned this or if it even matters but way back in the pokemon musical that came out in 1995 in the middle of revealing mewtwo proff oak and delia both get captured/are confronted by giovanni and him and delia have some weird maybe used to date tension too lmao
Fan Person
Fan Person преди месец
*I thought we all agreed Mr. Mime was the father*
ExclusiveEXTREMO преди месец
2:37 of course, even Austin can't deny it
greatsage4ever преди месец
Cool video, you put a lot of thought and work into this. However there was one thing you got wrong that I remember from my lessons with punnet squares. Green eyes are also dominant traits, the little g's would be more than likely gray eyes. People that have the genotype BG (or GB) get hazel colored eyes.
Protifive beast
Protifive beast преди месец
Giovanni's actually father of Ash
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