Would Minecraft Steve STARVE to Death? | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft

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преди 4 месеца

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Today Theorists, we are once again diving stomach first into Minecraft. Eating is a core mechanic of the game and it raises a few questions. Questions like, for a person with as active of a lifestyle as Minecraft Steve, how many calories does he burn in a day and how much would that mean he needs to eat? Theorists, it is time to cook up a heaping helping of SCIENCE!

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Argo преди 20 часа
I want to be able to make pizza in vanilla minecraft
Skid преди ден
Wouldn’t the “Dear Mojang” part be “Dear Microsoft” because Stupid Microsoft owns Minecraft???
Yan C. Cid
Yan C. Cid преди ден
I know this video is a bit old, but I identify with you right now Austin I've been off meds for like 2.5 years and just got prescribed Adderall, Bupropion, Buspirone, and Clonazepam. All at once I feel like absolute garbage, especially when the Adderall wears off.
Creative and funny name
Creative and funny name преди 2 дни
I was eating a submarine sandwich during Austin's bread poetry. You really made me appreciate that sub.
Sumit Jha 9B Roll no. 42
Sumit Jha 9B Roll no. 42 преди 2 дни
Your vedio make me smile
Neva Fails
Neva Fails преди 2 дни
So 72 cycles of night and day it equal to one full day of playing Minecraft irl
Falkrim преди 3 дни
I usually just survive off of pumpkin pie
Ririsu_Jay преди 3 дни
Okay I've seen these comments and I agree if a real human needs to drink water why doesn't Steve/Alex
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen преди 3 дни
Hardcore mode should make walking cost hunger and punish sprint jumping more.
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen преди 3 дни
Steve can use that explosive diarrhea to fly with his elytra.
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen преди 3 дни
It would be nice if they added cheese and then allow you to make sandwiches with bread, cheese and meat that are even better than just eating cooked steak or pork.
ArchAngel преди 3 дни
This man talks about food in video games but doesn't mention mgs3 smh
Uno Person
Uno Person преди 4 дни
Im hungry now
AtomicFault преди 4 дни
“Would Steve Starve?” Cuts to Steve eating steaks like they’re Cheez-its. “Yeah, I’m sure he’s fine.”
Albaner King99
Albaner King99 преди 5 дни
Terraria guy : your no match for me i can run faster than light and i don’t need any food or Pause to do this
Albaner King99
Albaner King99 преди 5 дни
Yeah but poison stops the healing
Sully Plays
Sully Plays преди 5 дни
Steve can eat a whole loaf of bread yet I can’t even eat 2 pieces without feeling bloated 😭😭
Happy Steven D
Happy Steven D преди 6 дни
Do you have a super power? Yes. I can eat foot to gain super speed, unending stamina, and regeneration to rival wolverine.
Stevonnie Jenkins
Stevonnie Jenkins преди 6 дни
i just got off welbutren a few months ago, it caused me seizers
Preston Rice
Preston Rice преди 7 дни
Time stamp around 16:30, I ask, is that a challenge?
Bendy_ Animator
Bendy_ Animator преди 7 дни
there CHEESE in minecraft mods
Virginia Brat
Virginia Brat преди 7 дни
MineCat 💜😻🐯🐅🐆🐈😼🦁🐈‍⬛⛏️
K1ller_ Wolf737
K1ller_ Wolf737 преди 7 дни
whit whit cocobins are not a food in minecraft
黑暗拳侍 преди 8 дни
ME轉SW or FW啊.... 大概打掉重練6年可以當個好菜雞🤔🤔 如果腦袋夠活的話...
sexkrazedpanda преди 8 дни
You definitely could be over weight from over eating in San Andreas
HizumisPlayground преди 8 дни
So basically... I'd like to have Steve's metabolism for about 2 days. Tank you!
Nerd With a Mouth
Nerd With a Mouth преди 8 дни
Steve is breadman
K'hari Jordan
K'hari Jordan преди 8 дни
He....he can't poop? 😦
SMT3 преди 9 дни
If Steve can pick up multiple stacks of blocks in shoulder boxes inside of shoulder boxes repeated, he can carry infinite number of items.
Ajahnae Wadley
Ajahnae Wadley преди 9 дни
When you just started Wellbutrin and riding the manic train with Austin …….🚅💃🏽🕺🏼💨
Jacob Watson
Jacob Watson преди 10 дни
I'm waiting for scrambled eggs
Md Moshiar Rahman
Md Moshiar Rahman преди 10 дни
I don’t get it why does this man always pop up in the Minecraft video:(
Austin Ling
Austin Ling преди 10 дни
Wait your name is Austin too? And you have ADD too? Sick. Maybe I'll start a BGpost channel too.
Hyrocane преди 10 дни
he he food
Jammer793b0 преди 10 дни
If cheese is added a ham sandwich should be also
Donovan_Dragonwhisperer0937 преди 11 дни
You lose huger points faster while jumping if there is a block above your head.
Demonic_Heretic преди 12 дни
Minecraft Player: can break trees and stone with bare hands, carry thousands on Notch Apples, sprint for hours, eat tons of food, fight a dragon and a being of death, and never has to drink water Terrarian: can Carry about 1 million luminite bars (which I assume is the heaviest metal in Terraria), run forever, use magic, kill the god of the moon, and never has to eat, drink, or sleep who is more powerful?
Alex m
Alex m преди 12 дни
You dont gain weight in video games Fable series enters the chat
sheen enaje
sheen enaje преди 12 дни
Minecraft logic
Asriel NightCast
Asriel NightCast преди 12 дни
Wild i went from welbutrin to sertraline
Obadijah Parks
Obadijah Parks преди 12 дни
There's no cheese?! Is he allergic? A new theory?. . . . .
The Leader of the reaping hunt
The Leader of the reaping hunt преди 13 дни
Austin you can play modded and have cheeses
Joan Tiamzon
Joan Tiamzon преди 13 дни
HEy can some one teLl me ho to Play minecraft
Imafluffyjedi преди 13 дни
Anyone else hear the planets suite by Gustav Holst about half way through the vid?
Eddie Lopéz
Eddie Lopéz преди 14 дни
So as far as I’m concerned… 6+5= 14
Moss -
Moss - преди 14 дни
The more foods mod is great, it has cheese. My favorite mod is the Aether mod.
Cannon Party
Cannon Party преди 14 дни
I start the video and am about to take my own meds and then this guy just namedrops three of the pills in my five pill pileup. Respect #takecareofyourmentalhealth
michelle gong
michelle gong преди 14 дни
It’s kinder, strange how Steve never bleeds to death and how he has this sorta magnetic field around him that draws in dropped items.
Mr. Carrot
Mr. Carrot преди 14 дни
"as long as they can cram some food into Steve they can sprint forever" Well that has 2 problems; 1: eating slow you down 2: you have to open your inventory to get more food when you're hot bar is empty
michelle gong
michelle gong преди 14 дни
Why does eating slow them down?? One thing we have over them is that we can actually eat while running ~ it would seem like they would have the physique looking at everything else they are able to do
Ma Thandar
Ma Thandar преди 14 дни
is a food bare
name преди 14 дни
Looks like me when I'm running out of food in Minecraft
UnWise T.W.
UnWise T.W. преди 14 дни
I just always saw the food bar as corn dogs
Actual преди 15 дни
But.... If you have a block over your head while jumping so that you hit your head every time you lose all your hunger in about a minute.
•Pan Bee•
•Pan Bee• преди 15 дни
There should be a Playlist of videos of Austin
Commenter преди 15 дни
Steve has no name…
Shane Grewell
Shane Grewell преди 15 дни
You loose exhaustion points quicker if you are sprint jumping in a two high tunnel because of tic speed
Sean Arrington
Sean Arrington преди 15 дни
The reason why steve can do this because the breast is made with adrenaline
Naminé преди 15 дни
Austin making me want bread Also petition to make minecat a thing
Naminé преди 15 дни
Imagine if you had to pee in video games zdfgghjkgg ALSO CHANGING AND GETTING ON MEDS CAN BE WILD, I FEEL THAT! It can be worth it tho if it's the right ones!!
A Person
A Person преди 15 дни
the new superhero C O N F I R M E D??? BREADGUY!!!!!!!!!! DA DA DA DA DA DUM
A Person
A Person преди 15 дни
being god is exhausting. dont judge stelex
Gyro Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli преди 15 дни
I knew how the mechanic worked but you made it confusing
Malus Clarion
Malus Clarion преди 16 дни
*Me recognizing Gustav Holst* MY MAN AUSTIN!
Frank Kingsley
Frank Kingsley преди 16 дни
Whats going on here? Im so lost and confused.
Penny Turner
Penny Turner преди 16 дни
Sorry where did Matt pat go I miss him the he talks and his bad puns
Aron Tan
Aron Tan преди 16 дни
Him: everyone love cheese Lactus people : ;_;
michelle gong
michelle gong преди 14 дни
: C
Ahab Hyde
Ahab Hyde преди 17 дни
There is a mod (I don't remember its name) that shows you the saturation level as a yellow outline outside the food bar. It's really useful to understand the concept
Jon Letteer
Jon Letteer преди 17 дни
Can guarantee if you sprinted and jumped while bonking your head off the ceiling you'd starve faster lol
youtube soup
youtube soup преди 17 дни
CAN YOU DO THAT? I THINK NOT.: Local news-man byes bread and kills all the army
Miu Iruma
Miu Iruma преди 17 дни
As an autistic kid who has to take a lot of medication, the medication change is such a big thing
g.reviews преди 17 дни
Hes a video game chara ter in a game that luteraly makes zero sense.... Sooooo yeah
videogameing ants
videogameing ants преди 17 дни
I used to take wellbutrin
McYoung Veteran
McYoung Veteran преди 17 дни
Steve is literally the most powerful video game character Hunger couldn't match him But a baby Z can
michelle gong
michelle gong преди 14 дни
Imagine the weight of much he can carry in his inventory -
Your Boi
Your Boi преди 17 дни
Me: gets shot Mom: we need to go to the hospital Me: *cronches on food*
Snuggly Baby
Snuggly Baby преди 17 дни
Im annoyed on how inneffiecent his farms are, mostly because he says he prefers farming over other than ender dragon merking, but this is very petty to be unhappy with,play the game how you please and enjoy best
Ipleezy преди 18 дни
there has got to be a mystery to thirst y can he never die of thirst and how does milk heal poison? and other curses?
Dani преди 18 дни
I can walk thousands of blocks on peaceful mode on half a heart with no hunger Steve is a god
michelle gong
michelle gong преди 14 дни
But normally you’re on default normal,
haseo737 преди 18 дни
doesnt this guy got his own channel. not saying go back just cant remember his channels name
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 преди 18 дни
1:12 did austin just say pliont
Screech преди 19 дни
Man i love cheese :)
Manzo caden
Manzo caden преди 19 дни
Steve solos Goku
Falling Raine
Falling Raine преди 19 дни
Thank you, Tanya, for making it pink.
Ormarr's Claw.
Ormarr's Claw. преди 19 дни
But Austen "The Great Potato Famine"
drunown преди 20 дни
maybe the mc player is an evolved from prototype
samfish90212 преди 20 дни
Petition to add cheese to Minecraft vanilla
Pumathrine преди 20 дни
KinglyGaming преди 20 дни
I want to see Austin do a Dayz stomach system video
Qiqi преди 20 дни
Matpat : *Uploads new video* You : 😃 But its blue instead of green You : 🙃 HI ITS ME AUSTIN!!! You : 😃
Hac преди 21 ден
I HATE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE REALY CHEESE
Da Vinci
Da Vinci преди 21 ден
Satratic преди 21 ден
I think these are bedrock levels and that. Cause food poisoning for example is random in java
DiabloMinero преди 21 ден
Wellbutrin is a stimulant. It's an amphetamine derivative. I believe in amphetamines a lot more than I believe in SSRIs. Congratulations on the new meds.
2020 dragonstar
2020 dragonstar преди 22 дни
Austin- Austin my man, are you ok?
Red Neckster
Red Neckster преди 22 дни
here to drop a quick diss.
Breanna преди 22 дни
I also had to switch from sertraline to wellbutrin because it was giving me manias. Fun times fun times lot less money
MoonLitCreeper преди 22 дни
now im hungry for cheese.... lol
Kaden Trenkler
Kaden Trenkler преди 23 дни
TheUnKnownGamer преди 23 дни
Blood Fungus
Blood Fungus преди 24 дни
*fan girl scream*
TheCraftyDawg преди 24 дни
Lets not forget they can do all this while carrying a full inventory of items. Which could include blocks of diamonds, gold, iron and redstone also copper blocks with the new updates. A soldier with a full combat load out could not even carry a tenth of what they carry. Steve and Alex are like their own tractor traillers. So regeneration, check. Super Metabolism, check. Wolverine levels of healing, Check!!
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