What FNAF's New Look Means For The Future of Gaming | The SCIENCE of... Ray Tracing

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When FNAF Security Breach announced that it would be using ray tracing for it's PS5 release, it raised one question. What the heck is ray tracing? Why is that a selling point and what does it mean for the future of FNAF and other games that use it like Minecraft? Today, Austin is going to dive into the world of computer graphics to see what the face of gaming is going to be in the near future and how that could be a great thing...or the worst!

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Recluse преди 7 часа
Kwest is a scam.
nature views
nature views преди 18 часа
bgpost.info/face/KdBW2i1JixZZ3o2UMOev4A ......
shreyash agrawal
shreyash agrawal преди 2 дни
Watchung Austin do fnaf is just so weird because I am so used to matpat doing it
Muggle Karp
Muggle Karp преди 2 дни
Sorry I’m so late, traffic was awful, now, who’s hating on my boy Austin?
vivlodia преди 4 дни
this was so informative and so cool!
Mary Udomah
Mary Udomah преди 8 дни
Austin is what MatPat used to be. I love him so much.
Toula Saunders
Toula Saunders преди 8 дни
bro did anyone else here nyaw on piano 6:27 ?
SonLip преди 9 дни
So that's why Maya and blender have that grainy looking setting.
SonLip преди 9 дни
whats that game with he Beholder called at 7:14?
Jude Yamout
Jude Yamout преди 9 дни
I am not owo
Watlet преди 9 дни
I hate that in all the good videos with good thumbnails I see, Austin is always directing it. Why can't it be matpat? :slight_smile:
enderoid wolfite
enderoid wolfite преди 2 дни
Why do you hate Austin?
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot преди 11 дни
I think the real solution for the exploding rays problem is AI, we already use the technology for upscaling resolution
Commenter преди 15 дни
So nice!!! I love it!
LazerSwipe преди 16 дни
Me trying to explain Fnaf Lore to anyone: 7:36
Zext On 60fps
Zext On 60fps преди 16 дни
5:08 why is there a flying goomba
Red преди 17 дни
Akbar Ali
Akbar Ali преди 18 дни
I literally got an program idea from this video
Tyler 2
Tyler 2 преди 18 дни
this is more about games that can blow your potato pc than fnaf
theMooblet преди 21 ден
U kinda sound like James from TheOdd1sOut
Sinom преди 22 дни
18:20 "Will we ever have a game made solely with raytracing." we allready kinda have one in metro metro exodus enhanced edition
Sinom преди 22 дни
16:05 the actual reason it's recursive is, that every time the ray hits something it doesn't just have to shoot out one ray from that intersection point, but a bunch of (depending on the quality you want you can go from tens to thousands of) rays, which then again, if they hit another object have to shoot out multiple rays again etc.
Kaden Trenkler
Kaden Trenkler преди 23 дни
Sleepy Bunny
Sleepy Bunny преди 23 дни
Me : always had Cs at best in science when in school Also me : adores and always watches these science videos
Xiuyuan Cui
Xiuyuan Cui преди 23 дни
Start a chain in the comments -ps I’m the founder of the chat chain clan (mine because there are more)
Xiuyuan Cui
Xiuyuan Cui преди 23 дни
Chain the first thing chatted after this
No преди 24 дни
I wonder if im gonna be in it
Samuel Dungjen
Samuel Dungjen преди 24 дни
3:51 descent is a fun game
REDmandeadman преди 25 дни
2:27 what does he mean?
Madhatters Daughter;3
Madhatters Daughter;3 преди 25 дни
Tbh I was expecting a fnaf theorie but instead I got a lesson on ray tracing
pink kitten
pink kitten преди 25 дни
"it's just a jump to the left" me: does the time warp
DC Zimmerman
DC Zimmerman преди 26 дни
Would a fnaf 1 animatronic kill a kid or teenager at night?
Eonsrir преди 26 дни
All i hear is the piano dunno what you talking about
N.C. Pictures
N.C. Pictures преди 27 дни
EIIIIIII, Austin joined the five nights crew! Hell yeah!
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher преди 27 дни
I enjoy the video but I would categorize this as clickbait
Vant van
Vant van преди 15 дни
I'll make a deal with cha' Turn a blind eye and watch the chaos unfold
ClaireverStory преди 27 дни
I saw the ad you were in the ad I knew that voice was familiar so you put up the ad wow🗣
Juice Box
Juice Box преди 29 дни
I got an add with you in it and thought it was part of the video.. XD
Innovative name
Innovative name преди 29 дни
We need more computer science
Natsunen Takahiro
Natsunen Takahiro преди месец
Can't believe this was posted on my birthday
User преди месец
Austin videos are always irrelevant,He never get straight to main topic and i dont like it.👎
ricardo camara
ricardo camara преди 16 дни
Bruh you are cringe
That one guy you saw in the comments
That one guy you saw in the comments преди месец
Ok x8
It _Is_Me
It _Is_Me преди месец
came here from Connor pugs.
Moira Blair
Moira Blair преди месец
Hey Austin please make an Adventure Time theory
ThisNoobIsUgly преди месец
i got a matpat add on a matpat vid
Domioplays: Minecraft and Others
Domioplays: Minecraft and Others преди месец
1 799 999 views, perfect time
mario64thane преди месец
V o x e l
GarbageJuice преди месец
We need Austin Evans
MuzDog преди месец
MMVman21 #2
MMVman21 #2 преди месец
1:25 oooooof
Justin Buergi
Justin Buergi преди месец
This taught me more about graphics than 6 years of college I studied computer science and game design
StarLevi преди месец
I actually like Austin, his energy is great, and is pretty close to MatPat. What annoys me is how the editor made Austin's 'puppet' move. The way that it swings every single word, and zooms in is just not fun to watch after seeing it 20 times in 30 seconds
Ciphe Scythe
Ciphe Scythe преди месец
YES Austin’s back!! I always come back to see his videos, he’s a gem and is super funny and bubbly and chaotic sometimes and I LIVE FOR IT 💛
goop преди месец
AUSTIN!!!! Any video with Austin is immediate gold!!
waffle преди месец
I fricking love Austin's episodes
Lizbomb Plays
Lizbomb Plays преди месец
I love Austin’s vids so much! Austin, you are awesome!
joe momma
joe momma преди месец
Go away Austin your voice is to pitchy
DelinKwenT преди месец
Dont watch the blue font videos he is part of this channel too
Tegan преди месец
Then don't watch. Other people enjoy him. Me included. Don't tell him to go away, when he's been here for years. How about you walk away instead? You don't like Austin? Fine. Stick to MatPat. No one will force you to watch Austin.
the Italian toast
the Italian toast преди месец
Haywire - Hatred
Haywire - Hatred преди месец
don't be mean :(
༺ Ünͥicͣoͫrn ༻
༺ Ünͥicͣoͫrn ༻ преди месец
Please stop Austin
Waddles Bell
Waddles Bell преди месец
DelinKwenT преди месец
You stop hating like a loser
bacon boi
bacon boi преди месец
Tegan преди месец
Why should he? Does he not have a right to continue working on a show that he's been doing for about a decade?
ItsEmma 111
ItsEmma 111 преди месец
Anyone notice that the text in the thumbnails in the videos that Austin are in are always blue?
CheetahChase преди месец
Dang bro stop hating what the heck he’s fine
Person Guy
Person Guy преди месец
Oh my god i never noticed
EarthToAccess преди месец
yes! it's intentional, and has been that way since The SCIENCE moved from ShoddyCast to here in 2016 to help separate and showcase that it's not a Game Theory video. if you look back at older videos for their other old shows like Digressing and Sidequesting (rip Ronnie) and Gaijin Goomba, each one had their own text and logo (e.g. DNSQ was yellow and Gaijin was red). The SCIENCE is the only show to still use it, as everything else was either adopted by their other channels (Food and Film for yellow and red, respectively) or is made under the Game Theory name.
John Healer
John Healer преди месец
Been with you since Shoddycast. Love your stuff!
Susī 8
Susī 8 преди месец
Austin! He is here once again fellas. I especially like this one. Talking about ray tracing from Austin hits different, Its easier to understand too xd
empty soul
empty soul преди месец
Wait why are ppl hating on Austin? He did many episodes before?? I dont get it???
starshooter gaming
starshooter gaming преди месец
i dont understand why people keep hating on austing like seriously there are many people on the game theory not just matpat
Ethan Knebel
Ethan Knebel преди месец
RC-1262 Scorch
RC-1262 Scorch преди месец
Anne Merete Rogne
Anne Merete Rogne преди месец
Cool 20:25
Tnk4me преди месец
Dear Austin. It's me Austin stan #199. I've been away from watching your content for a while since I just been dealing with some stuff recently. I've come to comment on here since some drama youtuber told me you've been getting some hate on this video. Now I don't really care if that's true. But jut on case I just want to say one thing: Thanks for the great content you've been putting out. Haters are going to hate but the rest of us really appreciate you. Keep up the good work and I'll be back the next time a drama youtuber tells me that you need white knighting. Thanks. Sincerely Austin stan #199
Code Black
Code Black преди месец
Really interesting video. keep up the good work Austin, always love seeing you on the channel
ljtheone преди месец
why do people hate austin? i think those guys are jerks and should stop with the hate
Ricannon преди месец
Why TF are people hating on austin
ljtheone преди месец
@Reeblecks it's a play on words "five nights at freddy's" and "friday night funkin"
Reeblecks преди месец
@ljtheone "Five Nights at Funkin"
ljtheone преди месец
i bet half the people hating never saw austin before this because the only watch gametheory for five nights at funkin and austin never done it yet
TheNamesJack преди месец
yo why people hatin' on Austin, dude is funny af. If this dude has a channel I want to watch his content.
GwynzyNoodles преди месец
He does it’s called ShoddyCast
Jazz Conyers
Jazz Conyers преди месец
@ljtheone am also here from conner pugs, tryna find the hate comments
ljtheone преди месец
@TheNamesJack ok cool just wanted to know did you find any hate comments?
TheNamesJack преди месец
@ljtheone Ya
ljtheone преди месец
did you watch conner pugs video too?
Nick преди месец
At first i didnt like this guy so much but he grew on me
Ronald Emick
Ronald Emick преди месец
Austin: *Searches Jedi Academy Ray Tracing* Me: *Squeals in excitement, realizing this exists*
๓໐นŞŞē преди месец
LMAO the newbies really dont know that austin has been on gt for years huh
Joshua Kun Games
Joshua Kun Games преди 22 дни
oh and i love austin i was being sarcastic : ) much love
Joshua Kun Games
Joshua Kun Games преди 22 дни
BombaCat преди 22 дни
It's sad knowing they think that..
Shadow Chrome_
Shadow Chrome_ преди 29 дни
Nope they don’t..
JustaFridge преди месец
Nice Twin
Nice Twin преди месец
But...but I love rambling. 😟
Seb Tube
Seb Tube преди месец
Alt Title: This Is Gonna Happend In Ray Tracing 2 | Future Of Graphics | Gold Freddy Returns
Tzarber преди месец
Dear Austin I like crabs
Sillykid преди месец
Saxerd преди месец
I don't know if you've coveted this in some old theory but in fnaf 2, when you go to mangle's room it says kid's cove instead of kids' cove, if it's mispelt on purpose it could tell us a lot
Laura преди месец
I don’t have a clue what he just said but it was interesting
Skywho 11
Skywho 11 преди месец
People stop hating on Austin if you don’t like then don’t watch the videos with the blue text on the thumbnail
Rick Rolled Dev
Rick Rolled Dev преди месец
Ray tracing has been around for about a decade but it has not been real time
SPRINGY BOI преди месец
Alright who’s complaining about the beloved Austin?
Monke Deleeto evolved
Monke Deleeto evolved преди месец
Exactly man this guy is awesome
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez преди месец
It's both Funny and sad about the Kwest thing at the beginning of the video. F in the chat for our Boi Austin
Edelton преди месец
I love how austin always seems a little manic in these lol.
Chunky Zamboni
Chunky Zamboni преди месец
im hate asuten, plz kick him out i want mat pat edit: ok im sory asuten did nothg wrong :/
bacon boi
bacon boi преди месец
Chunky Zamboni
Chunky Zamboni преди месец
@oofer doofer finally, somebody with more than 5 brain cells
oofer doofer
oofer doofer преди месец
People, people, its a joke, calm down, we're all... mostly friends here.
starshooter gaming
starshooter gaming преди месец
Boopinoop преди месец
@Chunky Zamboni I only considered that you were just joking because I always give the benefit of the doubt to dumb comments until I see that they say they’re being serious, or lack of proof that they’re joking, but not everyone does this so it’s still beneficial to put somewhere that this is sarcastic or type like ThIs.
Rory Begg
Rory Begg преди месец
Always good to see Austin
Asafesseidon Sapphire
Asafesseidon Sapphire преди 11 дни
@No One Escapes Death i don't know.
Asafesseidon Sapphire
Asafesseidon Sapphire преди 11 дни
It really is good.
No One Escapes Death
No One Escapes Death преди 24 дни
@Richyrich what’s wrong with austin??
Richyrich преди 25 дни
No. It isn’t. Especially when he decides to do a fnaf video.
mocha milk
mocha milk преди месец
POV: You're in newest first looking for the comments hating on Austin
Person Guy
Person Guy преди месец
um… err… noe i hate oistagiden!
Bennetta M.
Bennetta M. преди месец
@ljtheone same lol
ljtheone преди месец
yes i am conner pugs sent me
Cocat Gaming
Cocat Gaming преди месец
People hating on Austin in the comments section need to stop. The Game Theorist is made up of multiple people. Give Austin a chance. His videos are really good.
Aquila (´◔‸◔`)
Aquila (´◔‸◔`) преди 8 дни
@Carson Curry just no.
Gaming Homer
Gaming Homer преди 9 дни
I don’t hate him
Euclodies преди 10 дни
they are children
Springsteen- Games
Springsteen- Games преди 15 дни
Tbh I lost matt I truly do...But I think Austin is more entertaining and funny. Hopefully one day soon he can start cussing up a storm again...Please BGpost overlords😳🥺🥺
SergalBait преди 19 дни
Here's the thing. I don't enjoy the 'science of' videos that Austin does. I don't like his voice, I don't like his presentation style. I occasionally watch some anyways to "give him a chance" and I just don't enjoy it. I enjoy the other Game Theory videos. Do I think Austin sucks? no. I just don't like his content.
Piano Stream
Piano Stream преди месец
yay austin!
N x N
N x N преди месец
Great video! I've been into the topic for a while
Denizo преди месец
Wait? Jedi academy has ray tracing? OOOOOOOOOOO
Cesar Animations
Cesar Animations преди месец
Aiden The Gamer HD
Aiden The Gamer HD преди месец
I’m over here running 150 fps on subnautica below zero with raytracing, unknowingly taking my pc for granted.
ZafiroDoesGames преди месец
When you realise that this video that was supposedly about FNAF is actually informative enough to write a lighting technicals essay using this as a primary source. Thank you, Austin.
Sovetskiy Кат
Sovetskiy Кат преди месец
fun fact: you watched five minutes of this video before getting bored.
Boopinoop преди месец
I mean if you don’t like this video then why did you comment, it literally helps the video when you do more than just watch halfway. just watch like 5 minutes and leave, that would be more beneficial to you because then BGpost won’t think that you like this content
Kati Cat Love
Kati Cat Love преди месец
When you get bored and don't care you tend to like.. not comment, and move on to a different video... But see since you hold a grudge you decided to comment. Congrats bud! You want a cookie?
The Emerald Gamestone
The Emerald Gamestone преди месец
When you get bored of a video You did this MAGICAL thing called... Goin to a different video
Salt преди месец
@__REBOOTED__ g o o d
__REBOOTED__ преди месец
@Salt J u s t t o s u f f e r
A Window
A Window преди месец
After watching the whole vid, my pea brain still doesn't understand it
Diderino I Enjoyerino The Videorino Kripperino
Diderino I Enjoyerino The Videorino Kripperino преди месец
I love your numbers
Bruce Jack
Bruce Jack преди месец
Guys did Austin just pull a time warp on us? 9:26
Fine преди месец
There are minecraft shaders that use ray tracing, the fact that fnaf joins this list: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_games_with_ray_tracing_support doesn't really mean anything for *the future of gaming*
AnimeFan_real преди месец
Wait..... Sir I don't think u hv saw the vid
Pixelatetor преди месец
Did you know the ss drake from pikmin 3 is the same the perplexing pool form pikmin 2 a tiny ship is the same size as the largest level in the game of pikmin 2
The Emerald Gamestone
The Emerald Gamestone преди месец
@Pixelatetor (⌐■-■)👍
Pixelatetor преди месец
@The Emerald Gamestone yes i did
The Emerald Gamestone
The Emerald Gamestone преди месец
Got that fact from scruffy huh?
cybero преди месец
I watched a HD 4K video on a phone and it's a moto g without any attachments so I think I can play a game like that
u/WingsOfFireGeek преди месец
An HD 4K video has already been rendered, it's just sending info from your router to your screen. Games, however, don't have every frame rendered out, and have to do it in real time instead of in advance due to the chaoticness instead of a player, unlike youtube videos. If you look at the white line next to the red line under your video, that's how much video you already have loaded in advance. Video games can't do that.
TheCheesenPanzer преди месец
Video 10 of posting about otamatone lore
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