Game Theory: Fortnite's SECRET Plan to Control Disney!

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Ever notice how Epic Games is slowly taking over the entertainment industry? I'm not just talking about Disney IP and Ariana Grande showing up in Fortnite. I mean how Epic Games has tricked us into thinking it is ONLY a gaming company when really, the well goes much, MUCH deeper! Theorists, we have been SLEEPING on Epic Games' master plan!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, AbsolutePixel, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

To God be The Glory
To God be The Glory преди 2 часа
Welcome to Market Theory
Siphonicdrake1 преди 5 часа
This is just one big ad for unreal engine
Reacts of Hafiz
Reacts of Hafiz преди 16 часа
Hey matpat Do a clash of clans theory
nature views
nature views преди 19 часа ......
Otterocket преди 2 дни
"Besides Unity Unreal doesn't have much competiton" Source 2: Am I a joke to you?
Shlok Shah
Shlok Shah преди 2 дни
We game devs are doomed like the game engine take a share ,steam takes a share and the government takes a share lol.
DeliciousToast преди 2 дни
What there hell this video had nothing to do with Disney?
Chocolateblocks Babobaegchi
Chocolateblocks Babobaegchi преди 2 дни
there needs to be a compilation of the mickey mouse on matpat channels
Golden gamers 14
Golden gamers 14 преди 3 дни
you dident talk about fortnight. clikbiat
Kaiserthe13th преди 4 дни
Hey mat, just some info for you as of now in the game development world there is another engine rising in popularity so fast that it might turn the duopoly to a tripoly called Godot, still Unity and Unreal dominate the market while pygame isn't even a game engine so to speak but pygame is still vastly used because of python's popularity and ease of use
Kaiserthe13th преди 4 дни
Also about developers and game engines there still are lots of people who don't use game engines to develop games although they've become a minority now, instead of game engines some people use libraries/modules and which generally give you graphics and some basic stuff then leaves physics, logic etc. to you Although there are some that do the opposite when you combine them together you can get varying results
Sally happy
Sally happy преди 5 дни
I think if you put your head on the right side of your body and look at the logo it looks like something you have talk about Mat-Pat of The Game Theorists and more three channels
Mckenzi Oconnell
Mckenzi Oconnell преди 5 дни
Wait they made years of war
Gio Prox
Gio Prox преди 5 дни
So basically, Epic games has built a game engine so good that it not only dominates the gaming industry, but also the movie industry
Kuzco Soyokaze
Kuzco Soyokaze преди 6 дни
coolest logo so far
Kersensaus преди 6 дни
I think its ironic both fanbases are absolute garbage
Turbo KO 7
Turbo KO 7 преди 6 дни
Wait a minute, all of the kingdom hearts games are on the Epic Games store now, and KH3 was made with unreal engine...
Sean преди 6 дни
☞⚐☼❄☠✋❄☜ 💧🕆👍😐💧
Zack Sirola
Zack Sirola преди 6 дни
So now the question is... Should we be scared by this new potential dominance over the world or would it actually be better than Disney?
Paytown _
Paytown _ преди 6 дни
In two years you can finally use the name Mickey Mouse
Vik Clarke
Vik Clarke преди 7 дни
there more likely to invade the anime fanbeses naxt
Crazy Fornite Compilations
Crazy Fornite Compilations преди 7 дни
Sweat pants or less is all some needs to dox you, I'm going to cry
Crazy Fornite Compilations
Crazy Fornite Compilations преди 7 дни
God damn, you are hella bent on dieing to assassination, nigga chill, one day some business is gonna off you, I'm going to cry
Ko Thuta & Shwe Khay Khay
Ko Thuta & Shwe Khay Khay преди 7 дни
omg im impress of your research
Jack Rainey
Jack Rainey преди 7 дни
Epic Games is worth 30 billion. How long do you think it will be before Apple, Microsoft, Google, or Facebook start bidding on the company? I would not be surprised to see Apple do so despite recent circumstances (if they buy them the case doesn’t matter).
IDKWhatToPutHere преди 7 дни
im going to say this now im still going to use steam i prefer the ui more than epics (also because you can only get portal 1 and 2 and tf2 on there)
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells преди 7 дни
Mickey Mouse bows to China. Does Fortnite?
LaserAgentRyan преди 7 дни
Wow I didn’t get a matpat ad for rocket learn and yet I did
joaquin gomez
joaquin gomez преди 8 дни
Best game theory into ever
Simmar Games
Simmar Games преди 8 дни
is frotni
GreenBee преди 8 дни
Caio Rezei
Caio Rezei преди 8 дни
Whoa, that evil Mickey laugh was so good! The smooth transition from impression to building on top of the voice, the madness, the tone, so good!
Not an E girl.
Not an E girl. преди 8 дни
Micky is inteligent but evil
THEBOSS03 преди 8 дни
Completely looked over tarkov with the unity segment.
Red Panda
Red Panda преди 8 дни
I’m counting everyday until Disney disappears,same with the negative people in Fortnite’s fandom,they are the reason I dislike the game
Handz преди 8 дни
Hasn’t been an epic game theory in a while
Kevin преди 9 дни
doom II: *gets released* epic for some reason: how bout we make a game with a game engine oh and anyone can use it it was all because of doom
Artemis Garcia
Artemis Garcia преди 9 дни
How could you not bring up the true unreal engine competitor goldsource (and its modern version source2), or even the engine it was modded from quake (idtech)
Mr. Cheetos
Mr. Cheetos преди 9 дни
Fortnite battle royale
bubbly.pancakes преди 9 дни
please do a theory on danganronpa, its a murder mystery game with a loooooot of lore
craig the brute
craig the brute преди 9 дни
Lol I got an ad from you for big change.
黑暗拳侍 преди 9 дни
Mando the Gamer
Mando the Gamer преди 9 дни
Epic Games will take over the world
mellisakuntz преди 9 дни
He needs to do a new lore video
Zenitsu преди 9 дни
when i clicked on this vid a ad of matt and his wife (i think) were going on vacation (i did not watch the whole so i dont know if that was what is was about)
Maniatails Plays
Maniatails Plays преди 10 дни
Flame Of Blades
Flame Of Blades преди 10 дни
Yondaime2575 преди 10 дни
I love these videos!!! It’s video games meets business 101
NinjaSnake324 преди 11 дни
What the heck? I got an ad about y oh moving before this.
Kolin Playz
Kolin Playz преди 11 дни
I got a ad that was for big change and it had matpat 😳
David Klugmann
David Klugmann преди 11 дни
I knew Fortnite was no good.
SWOOSH _XD преди 11 дни
Why R U Making A FortNite it Dead 6 Feet in the Ground
Creature From The Backrooms
Creature From The Backrooms преди 11 дни
Fun fact: Minecraft is older than the average fortnite player the average minecraft player is 20+
Green Games YT
Green Games YT преди 12 дни
I got a game theory ad lol
Jacob loves fall guys
Jacob loves fall guys преди 12 дни
N64 Danny
N64 Danny преди 12 дни
Wow.. I just got click baited hard, up until he said it was "A Game Theory" I literally thought he would actually tell us how fortnite is taking over disney
Random stranger
Random stranger преди 12 дни
Wait...what the heck is with Elder Pat?
Glorified Grass
Glorified Grass преди 12 дни
11:05 that might be impossible but that can be overcome by one lucky person. So soon.... someone will surpass that impossibility.
Ghostly Dude
Ghostly Dude преди 12 дни
Still waiting for Disney to be sued for being a monopoly day, uh, somewhere in 3000+.
Doge lol
Doge lol преди 13 дни
Kitty. Says. Thanks.
Galactic Wolf177
Galactic Wolf177 преди 13 дни
So what is fortnites plan you just said stuff about how they own a good game engine and why it’s hard to make one you didn’t say anything about Disney and I HATE FORTNITE it’s the worst game ever made
boywithmustache преди 13 дни
hold up did i just get a matpat add on a matt pat video
Creeper fusion
Creeper fusion преди 13 дни
Disney sucks.
Hunter Siebuhr
Hunter Siebuhr преди 13 дни
The youngest fortnite player is 8 years old the two year old streamer I watch: Wat arm I Aye Woach
Chocoboi :
Chocoboi : преди 13 дни
Lmao I just got a unity add
HD Banana Doppio
HD Banana Doppio преди 13 дни
at first I thought jonesy was saying, "you dont own me n-word"
Minso The Bi
Minso The Bi преди 13 дни
I got An ad about matpat before
Accelerrated NinjaClown
Accelerrated NinjaClown преди 13 дни
SuperWiiBros08 преди 13 дни
The way Epic Games is giving oportunities to developers with their Unreal Engine seems just really kind of them
Dashing ularity
Dashing ularity преди ден
@Sasanth Bollineni uwu
Sasanth Bollineni
Sasanth Bollineni преди ден
Key word: “seems”
HappyHarbl преди 13 дни
It works when you think about it from a pr perspective. They give developers an opportunity to create something that could become the next big thing. Not only does it allow new indie devs to prosper and spread their wings, but it builds Epic's own platform as well. Now there are other 3D modeling programs outside of unreal and unity, but you can seamlessly port between them as both game engines have compatibility with them. And if there isn't native support, plugins made by independent devs will do the job as both engines are open source to allow the compatibility.
Tom is sus
Tom is sus преди 13 дни
@Go0ey hello
Go0ey преди 13 дни
AK-Nerfer преди 14 дни
I just had a ad for mat pats popularity rise good job youtube
Ludboy Jolly
Ludboy Jolly преди 14 дни
Sooooo... what’s epics plan to control Disney?
Y-i-k-s преди 14 дни
we love fortnite we love fortnite you like fortnite
iLikeDucks преди 14 дни
That intro came straight out of a meme youtube kids video
The Reaper of the Lost Souls
The Reaper of the Lost Souls преди 14 дни
Just one correction, the US military runs simulations on Bohemia interactives on Real Virtuality Game Engine (also known as VBS3)
Alan Hersch
Alan Hersch преди 14 дни
Mattpa looks better than I expected. Embrace your inner palpatine.
Maria Meneses
Maria Meneses преди 14 дни
POV- you got a game thereoy ad during the vid
My Toe
My Toe преди 15 дни
through the fire and flames plays well behind this video
Pan Core
Pan Core преди 15 дни
ah yes, the illuminaty is now getting illuminatied by Cing Kring
Levi Nitsah
Levi Nitsah преди 15 дни
Only my opinion but, the sad part is that despite unreal engine being a very good engine, a lot of game that comes out of it in recent history have a very similar feeling to one another. Don't get me wrong lot of good game use it well, but a lot of game just ends up having the same feel, visuals, controls and physics as another (there are few devs that actually give the extra effort for their game to not look and feel like a standard unreal game). It's a convenient engine, but I do think that to some extent it's killing the diversity of games, especially when big name title used to have their own style and cohesion, now it's mostly all unreal style, and I'm getting bored of the games using it way faster than the game that don't (because most of the time the game controls, feels and look very similar to another game I grew bored of). I watched a gameplay video of a game being developed using it and it just felt like watching "Ark survival evolved" or "insert another game using it" gameplay, despite all of the differences it just felt lazy and not worth my time.
saad bajwa
saad bajwa преди 15 дни
How am I learning all this now
The odd Channal
The odd Channal преди 15 дни
Why don't they just team up
€Łøłbįt¥ преди 15 дни
save that mouse
Commenter преди 15 дни
Control..? Aww you knew my next move.. guess I’ll figure something out…
Arvelmay преди 15 дни
ima game dev so mabey i should use unreal
mutenroixi02 преди 15 дни
As a rookie game developer i got to say that I prefer much better unity than unreal :)
SwatNotFound преди 15 дни
Yo matpat that was the bestest intro ever, it made me laugh so hard
Jacen Shankles
Jacen Shankles преди 15 дни
I just got a ad with matpat's voice in the middle of the episode
Emil Nordgård
Emil Nordgård преди 15 дни
Ehyen Vang
Ehyen Vang преди 15 дни
a unique name
a unique name преди 15 дни
"Default sounds"
Nikolas Tskhadaia
Nikolas Tskhadaia преди 16 дни
I just got a Big Change ad and I thought it was just part of the video
pupelflash преди 16 дни
thx for the clickbait bro you really need that huh
RusticGGG преди 16 дни
didn't know matpat was an animator, should do more intro's like that. Who else thinks so?
SoundCurthod YT
SoundCurthod YT преди 16 дни
can you talk about how EA is a big scam?
Rasheed Hashem
Rasheed Hashem преди 16 дни
Yay we hate greedy Disney
DED GAMING преди 16 дни
What about Disney plus
King froggy
King froggy преди 16 дни
Guess those kid ratings fortnite characters chests size are making a downfall of Disney
ooka shalapy
ooka shalapy преди 16 дни
I cannot believe I'm a 9 year old using her mother's account and enjoying this
Earthquake William
Earthquake William преди 16 дни
Capcom with RE engine: (chuckles)
RogueBeats преди 16 дни
I dont like Fortnite, but i will love someone to dethrone Disney
TheAdvertisement преди 16 дни
9:42 To be fair, Gamemaker has some merit too. After all, Undertale was made in it.
TheAdvertisement преди 16 дни
Plot twist: The intro shows that this entire video is actually just Jonesy showing Mickey how he took control.
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