How Deadly is an Angry Bird? | The SCIENCE of... Angry Birds

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LEt's talk about Angry Birds. No really! Today, Austin is going to answer a question I bet you didn't even know you had. Can a bird actually EXPLODE a pig, like in the mobile game? Theorists, get ready for a wild ride of an episode as we see if Angry Birds would work in real life!

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The grayzombie shorts
The grayzombie shorts преди ден
I swear this man can make a theory out of anything YOUR GRANDMA? YA….SHES JUST A THEORY. YOUR BANK ACC? WELL I CAN MAKE A THEORY ON THAT TOO…..MY THEORY IS…………..,,,,,,,,,THAT I know your password…. Yup sounds like matpat
Dragomir GM
Dragomir GM преди ден
I like how title is about how deadly angry birds are but then we come to sussy hog and chunky ostrich
FoolishPanda преди ден
sounds a bit sussy if you ask me
Creative and funny name
Creative and funny name преди 2 дни
HE REFFERENCED SOME MORE NEWS! That caught me off guard.
Creative and funny name
Creative and funny name преди 2 дни
Austin > Matpat. He's funnier. Scientifically.
-Gabri Benci-
-Gabri Benci- преди 2 дни
3:16 Did I just hear the word Tanya? If that's the case... then... you know what I mean 😅
Gaming Paradise
Gaming Paradise преди 3 дни
Red bird isn’t even an ostrich bruh lol, this video felt very lazily made
Falkrim преди 3 дни
0:19 well I mean give it 10 more years and that information will technically be correct The pigs are the real good guys
Stick Zi Games
Stick Zi Games преди 3 дни
i love how austin evolved from shouting sh** to toning down being calm
Zahran Syakira
Zahran Syakira преди 3 дни
Pause at 5:18
Corgano преди 4 дни
I think there's a math problem here If you know the length of the bird, you also know how many bird's length it moves in any given amount of time. That bird is obviously not moving hundreds of miles per hour across the screen. You'd instead have to work from the slingshot towards the pigs to figure exactly how fragile the pigs are.
Jade Gil
Jade Gil преди 5 дни
Wow this is complicated
fire ball
fire ball преди 5 дни
Where is Matthew Patthew
Batman преди 5 дни
angry birds came out actually on December 10 2009 so it is coming up on it’s 12th birthday
Ronald Hodgson
Ronald Hodgson преди 5 дни
Austin should look at how big wild 🐗 can get in the United States. Ostrich might not win that fight. Lol
Mega apple jin
Mega apple jin преди 5 дни
Uhhh its hurting the pig evidence is in angry birds 2 in any of the boss stages where when you beat it, the pig boss will be injured so all that really matters is to break material
ShyDiggy преди 5 дни
That “please don’t do that” so dead inside at the end KILLED me
Hank Pank
Hank Pank преди 6 дни
The among us jokes have got to stop.
Sean преди 6 дни
Why do I love this so much Doing this maybe Going somewhere At some place Some random riddle is in this The moment this comment here Eating sometime Random riddle do you know what the riddle is?
danmanthyheadhead18 преди 7 дни
What is it was frozen? Like a turkey
Kelsey Schmale
Kelsey Schmale преди 7 дни
It's kinda like air resistance in physics. It's a waste of our time
Trogdor преди 8 дни
This is the same universe wherein a stone block will shatter if it hits a balloon, though, so I'm not sure any of your real-world research or math applies.
Planet 55
Planet 55 преди 8 дни
You chang in 2017
EteleD преди 8 дни
Jimos преди 10 дни
It would be like... 100.000.000 times better if you pronounced the word as you ere supposed to.
Kaylee Merrigan
Kaylee Merrigan преди 11 дни
I have a question, how does the bomb bird explode, does it even hold gun powder?
danil1311 преди 12 дни
Joeegsprave might have been a neat source for info on the slingshot part
Game line GL.
Game line GL. преди 12 дни
I want to be a game caster like you, please suggest. Thanks you . I am thai.♥️
cHIKO преди 12 дни
It's just a game let it go
Jacob A. Gallant
Jacob A. Gallant преди 12 дни
AMOGUS I'm sorry, but.... well, he made it easy
Eddie MacK
Eddie MacK преди 12 дни
That's gunna be some tender pork
Floyd Mansberger
Floyd Mansberger преди 12 дни
Whats next? How to kill undead corpses with vegetables?
Tyler Horihan
Tyler Horihan преди 13 дни
Wow I can't believe they did so many studies on your mom
Godly clips
Godly clips преди 13 дни
Marko Mastilović
Marko Mastilović преди 13 дни
But what if the Red angry bird (ostrich) flaps its wings (still unable to fly) while being launched from the slingshot. I mean even if its wings flapping doesn't make the bird fly, maybe it will be enough to an extent so that maybe the slingshot needs less force to launch the bird, because the bird just by flapping can lift itself to same degree. I don't know if this could help, but I was always amazed how high can chickens lift themselves (not fly) when they are trying to escape. I haven't researched this, I am just giving a humble "what if". Or at least I'll make someone laugh at my reasoning.
MerryHappy преди 13 дни
all the pig are sus
Marc Blanchet
Marc Blanchet преди 13 дни
Austin is apparently my spirit animal.
Jason преди 14 дни
"Austin ante puerperium" would mean Austin before giving birth.
TheDoodes преди 14 дни
R.I.P. original angry birds Angry birds Star Wars Stella Etc. You will always live in our hearts (I didn’t include angry birds transformers because it’s still on the market)
jake the gamer 446 mvplayer
jake the gamer 446 mvplayer преди 15 дни
"Please don't do that" I am dead😂
Commenter преди 15 дни
I might chat on every video…
Clown преди 15 дни
I feel bad for the pigs...
DOMINIK dub преди 15 дни
Wait ur not the original how do the theroy
The Anonymous Cactus 98
The Anonymous Cactus 98 преди 15 дни
Why didn’t you just take the smallest pig given the size of pig to bird.
FeepFoopFoe преди 15 дни
Austin, red bird isn't a cannon ball. Black bird is
Bad Piggy Stopmotion Studio
Bad Piggy Stopmotion Studio преди 15 дни
I followed in your footsteps and made a video called Theroy Time: How heavy is an Angry Bird Minion Pig?
cecilia atengco
cecilia atengco преди 15 дни
Heres my theory: the reason why thier "deadly" is because- remember the meteors and the falling towers? they can possibly damage them because of how fast the birds are. so the pigs are somehow having low on defense. so if the angry birds are shot. you can see thier afraid. means they have weak defense or severely damaged while theres no scratches or bruises.
William Butler
William Butler преди 15 дни
Michael Arsa Adyatma
Michael Arsa Adyatma преди 15 дни
4:28 Casoeary and the bird that defeat australia in a war (emu): can you repeat that
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara преди 15 дни
I used to raise pigs for showing at the county fair. They are really durable. I think the heaviest one we ever had was about 1000 pounds. He was a pet. I don't recommend letting a pig that large step on your toes. The show pigs were about in the high 100's when it comes to size.
king Chicken nugget
king Chicken nugget преди 15 дни
do undertail
Melissa YouTube // Flitch Productions
Melissa YouTube // Flitch Productions преди 16 дни
9 years to late
Lominoth Productions
Lominoth Productions преди 16 дни
What if you wrapped the bird in duct tape first before launching it so that way it could hold the meat pocket together
Christopher Earth
Christopher Earth преди 16 дни
Terence: *grunts in mass destruction*
Nombre преди 16 дни
The Furious Gamer 25
The Furious Gamer 25 преди 16 дни
“The suck zone” love twister 🌪
Logan Reaves
Logan Reaves преди 16 дни
I’m assuming the angry birds have bodies that are a lot tougher that ostrich bodies.
Migatte no Blakae
Migatte no Blakae преди 16 дни
16:24 So what you’re saying… Is we’re gonna need some *angry birds*
amy seltenright
amy seltenright преди 17 дни
4:29 I'm imagining a random pig pig just stare out my window towards me with devil eyes
Logan Reaves
Logan Reaves преди 17 дни
Could you please do a theory on wether or not the machine gun Jetpack from Jetpack joyride is possible?
Haydon Weldy
Haydon Weldy преди 17 дни
So glad this dude doesn't scream every 3 seconds anymore.
The Unkillable Cat
The Unkillable Cat преди 17 дни
Can i not Just eat the bird??
IGSA101 преди 18 дни
This is all moot because as cutscenes show the birds don't actually kill the pigs just bruises and cuts that can be bandaged.
Orelvis Miguel
Orelvis Miguel преди 18 дни
Alright I’ll just get a Cassowary instead of an ostrich…
Qlikqiu преди 18 дни
The pig is soos
Charles Jackson
Charles Jackson преди 18 дни
yall really running out of stuff to talk about kml
Dirk преди 18 дни
13:11 it says 493.2 m/s instead of km/h It's only a slight difference of around 1300 km/h No biggie
Queen Thot
Queen Thot преди 19 дни
5:07 I’ve never realized how much I want to see that until this moment?? Chonky Ostrich yes please
Oner Xowns
Oner Xowns преди 19 дни
The pig are sus
Tom King
Tom King преди 19 дни
This particular bit, I had kept a straight face the entire video... but the below quote absolutely killed me off We finally.. FINALLY... have all the information we need in order to figure out how fast we need to launch a 179 kg ostrich at a pig in order to snap it in half, or honestly probably pulverise spectacularly...
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer преди 19 дни
Powerful is the weapons from the Nintendo game adventure Island
Demon G
Demon G преди 20 дни
We need the aerodynamics of a chopped up ostrich
Amazed Alloy
Amazed Alloy преди 20 дни
This screams classic game theory. It's nice to have something like this every so often
Henjos преди 20 дни
So you do angry birds but not richest game characters 🤦‍♂️
CHARLOTTE DASS преди 20 дни
Ok, this has convinced me that you’re smarter than Einstein. I really don’t think that there could possibly be anybody s,after than you.
CHARLOTTE DASS преди 20 дни
Smiley _
Smiley _ преди 21 ден
Smile :)
Hida Andrew
Hida Andrew преди 21 ден
Wow im almost as heavy as a pig
Pogboi преди 21 ден
Яеversed Я
Яеversed Я преди 22 дни
11:23 “Come with me, And you’ll see, a world of Pig Obliteration”
THE GUY MIDAS преди 22 дни
mez713 преди 22 дни
BOOM chonky ostrich-Austin 2021
Veminin преди 22 дни
It’s not pronounced Eemoo it’s Eem you
デカラインLARA преди 22 дни
*_So basically..._* *_You can't really shoot a pigeon or a peacock with a slingshot._* _And you committed mass "meat-cide" by blowing pigs up._ *_Yep, I know why Angry Birds used to be my favorite (Mostly because of the mechanics, lol)._*
Nathan Thiessen
Nathan Thiessen преди 22 дни
What about the beak
TheEclipseMaster преди 23 дни
All thats left is a half life video. I dont know how, but the SCIENCE will go after half life
Kaden Trenkler
Kaden Trenkler преди 23 дни
K1 преди 23 дни
Austin: - says sus - Me: - *suffers internally* -
CrazyGamesEU преди 23 дни
Cuchitril преди 23 дни
Pero solo por hacer el estimativo. Por que no considerar mejor que el cerdo es de una raza enana y así poder acercar más su tamaño al de un ave más pequeña. Este episodio aún tiene potencial y yo quiero ver más a Austin!!
Piggy Gaming
Piggy Gaming преди 24 дни
bruh * *pop* *
O Morfeas Paizei
O Morfeas Paizei преди 24 дни
Birdmate: there is one Pigpostor among us
Saiyam Lohia
Saiyam Lohia преди 24 дни
Dear Austin. Its me, a loyal theory inspector and i have something to say. YOU ARE WRONG!! to calculate the tension required to make a piggy go boom just see the pig fall from a lil height (accelerating for 0.2 secs yes i calculated) which means 10m/s^2 * 0.2 * 180kg mass which is just 360 N of force required. do your homework freind. anyways i like ur theorys u just over looked this. NOW U CAN MAKE A THEORY ON HOW WEAK PIGGIES ARE THAT THEY GO BOOM JUST BY FALLING A METRE DOWN SO ITS NOT ALL BAD
Velociraptor2100 преди 24 дни
Explain how the birds explode after they stop moving
Florian Walter
Florian Walter преди 24 дни
Do your calculations with the asumption, that there are actually only pig-heads. Not complete animals...
Lilly преди 24 дни
austin and cody crossover when? Just two dudes, going off the rails into some bit on science news
drthmik преди 24 дни
Come with Me And you'll be In a WORLD of pure imagination
Jester, Fox, and Slime
Jester, Fox, and Slime преди 25 дни
I wanna be honest. I understood nothing said, but I lay here in bed, deprived of sleep waiting for my nana to finish dinner, and I just happily Smiled and nodded. I think Austin is p coolio ^×^
Oluwasola Ogundare
Oluwasola Ogundare преди 25 дни
Hearing Austin always crushes my hopes of watching an entertaining game theory
DemonBoy Halo
DemonBoy Halo преди 25 дни
...sorry but *inhales* so uh... the pigs "oof" bcs of wood to and diffrent these bars or idk sorry and gl
Zeklijan преди 25 дни
7:20 the rant actually makes it all worth it doesn't it? ;)
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