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преди 2 месеца

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Control is an experimental journey through not only a new world inhabited by beings called The Hiss, but through the mind of our protagonist. Jesse is the new director of an agency investigating the paranatural happenings in the world. She is chosen, not only for being in the right place at the moment, but because of her history with such events. Today, Austin is diving into the science that may explain exactly what happened to her and how she may have just created her own brother... Yes, you read that right.

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MATT CYPRESS преди 18 часа
5 minutes in and im not interested ill pass on control. I prefer chaos.
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂ преди 22 часа
So Dylan is just an alter of Jesse that was given a new form by a supernatural object?
Pazuzu Deamon
Pazuzu Deamon преди 2 дни
control is SCP from a different AU.
chiffmonkey преди 2 дни
"By bringing the subconscious to the conscious, you shine a light on it and it gets smaller." Oh hello Alan Wake. Also I think you've got it wrong. Dylan isn't Jesse's shadow. Jesse is Dylan's repressed anima, given the driver's seat for once. After all, he's the dreamer, she's a part of the dream. Control is a world where the rules of the psyche seem to apply to the tangible external world too - synchronicity. But it's to such a ridiculous degree that it's obviously just a projection from inside someone's head. Dylan is a representation of Sam Lake, the ideas guy behind Remedy games - hence the reference not just to Alan Wake but also to Max Payne, who literally wears Sam's face. When you play one of these games, you are exploring the inside of Sam's head. If you want to see The Shadow in a game though, check out the Ocarina of Time sequence from the Ice Cavern through to the Shadow Temple and pay attention to what Sheik says and the Water Temple mid-boss.
Clanso преди 3 дни
That German was....not 100% actually
Kylar Stern
Kylar Stern преди 4 дни
Imma complain about spoilers anyway! You can't stop me! Who's driving so fast that they need down force to keep them on the road? That can't be that common!
N.S.C. h0r1zon
N.S.C. h0r1zon преди 5 дни
Austin: Do not watch this because of spoilers cause I'll be explaining the plot Me who's broke: 👁️👄👁️
Jonathan Dubinsky
Jonathan Dubinsky преди 10 дни
You made it sound like such a good game. I the video into my watch later..... And I still haven't played the game so I accepted I probably never will and accepted the spoilers willingly :( and cool cool idea I love psychology based theories
Pepco Rampouch
Pepco Rampouch преди 13 дни
Bruh, dont care enough about that game in order to not spoil it, hit meeeeeeeeee! :-D
•Lemon CRY•
•Lemon CRY• преди 14 дни
XDDDD Schattenprojektion XDD but it Was close lmao
Commenter преди 15 дни
You looking for me..?
JOSIAH M32 преди 16 дни
jayhalliwell преди 19 дни
So glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t play this game till this year 😅
FBC Researcher
FBC Researcher преди 20 дни
This comment is writen in memory of Agent Philip. As of ███ ███████ of ██ / ██ / ████, he is considered MIA. From all gathered information, Agent Philip was locked in containment cell ████ for several hours. In Agent Philip's rescue attempt, Agent Philip was █████████ by ████████████ titled: ███ ██████.
WinterTrooper преди 20 дни
It's pretty much confirmed that prior to Alan rewriting reality Dylan and Jesse were one person.
Andrew Chuisano
Andrew Chuisano преди 20 дни
Could really tell how much you enjoyed this different format from listening to the energy in your voice. More please!
Pogboi преди 21 ден
Raydok преди 22 дни
I’m German, the J sounds like a Y
Red Neckster
Red Neckster преди 22 дни
Here to drop a quick diss.
デカラインLARA преди 22 дни
*_The first seconds..._* *_I get Jean Grey vibes._*
Kaden Trenkler
Kaden Trenkler преди 23 дни
Rakhee Koshy
Rakhee Koshy преди 25 дни
Please do madness combat
Sea Monkey
Sea Monkey преди 26 дни
3:56 So basicly the UIU of the SCP Foundation? But like not a stinky side G.O.I.
J.K. :-p
J.K. :-p преди 27 дни
Seeing an ad with MatPat before this video played was really trippy
Nova Star
Nova Star преди 27 дни
The way Austin said X-Files when SCP was right there💀
Lee Hampton
Lee Hampton преди месец
invexcium games
invexcium games преди месец
Matpat ad for big change before video, nice
Ꭱite преди месец
That one guy you saw in the comments
That one guy you saw in the comments преди месец
Ok x13
RegularPit преди месец
Damn I love this game.
Moira Blair
Moira Blair преди месец
Hey Austin pleaser make an Adventure Time theory
Milkshake Draws
Milkshake Draws преди месец
That moment when you got an ad featuring MatPat, when you’re watching game theory:
Pjs raven
Pjs raven преди месец
I am really confused do these guys share a channel
Star Scapes
Star Scapes преди месец
Matt please do a video on Ahti
Thewebb 12
Thewebb 12 преди месец
I don't care about spoilers 😜
Staff Bearer
Staff Bearer преди месец
Austin: Jessie and Dylan are the same person Me: transgender. * Dylan talks about his first dream * Me: Ok, now I REALLY think this is transgender. Am I the only one who thought that?
ReBoot преди месец
Getting to know and to understand one's subconscious impulses, as well as learning to accept them and live with them, is actually a real useful part of therapy.
MuzDog преди месец
MuzDog преди месец
Mahmood Mohanad
Mahmood Mohanad преди месец
Really wow It had been 2 years ❓ Damn these years passing really really fast
BatalionHunter преди месец
huh I just assumed that the adults disappeared because jesse used the projector to trap the bully's and adults in other slides and that's why she burned the slides
Elijah "DG III" McElroy
Elijah "DG III" McElroy преди месец
Wow. This is really deeply thought out and i love it. It’s now my personal head canon
jack patton
jack patton преди месец
This game has been in my recommended for a while. This video pushed me to buy it. It's bloody incredible, and I'm so glad I avoided that spoiler. Playing this game blind hits so good.
Sh1n1gam1 преди месец
I've been curious for a while now. What is the song used in the intro for this video?
Shawn Neufeld
Shawn Neufeld преди месец
How about a quantum break episode
Samuel Augsburger
Samuel Augsburger преди месец
1:58 onward felt like I was watching an episode of Beyond Belief with Jonathan Frakes
Alex Demirov
Alex Demirov преди месец
This is an excellent video and it builds up the lore of the game amazingly.
Isaac Becker
Isaac Becker преди месец
Explaining Control to someone who's never played it: scuffed SCP foundation shenanigans
Jacob преди месец
Really??? Spoilers? You should've said so....... :|
Seb Tube
Seb Tube преди месец
Alt Title: This Is Gonna Happend In Control 2 | Her Secret Shadow | The Lost War
ThePavilion76 преди месец
Install it on an SSD, the loading screens take a long time, and if you are like me you will be dieing a LOT! Maxed health, used "assist mode" to further reduce damage by 20% and there were several times I rage quit, mostly because I didn't want to wait another 1-3 minutes for a loading screen again. I somehow always died very, very fast.
Ghost Nebula
Ghost Nebula преди 13 дни
Had the same problem.
Jonah Tarlo
Jonah Tarlo преди месец
yes please figure out what Ahti is! btw I finished control a few hours ago.
gene sia
gene sia преди месец
D-does Austin not know about the SCP foundation???
Nikki Orr
Nikki Orr преди месец
one of these days I''ll finally finish it and be able to watch this video
Alex Zitro
Alex Zitro преди месец
Funny…I actually did what you told me…I stopped the video, played the game, just finished and now I’m back…what I miss??
Karen Himura
Karen Himura преди месец
QUESTION THEN: off-topic but could this be the reason of the belief in 'shadow work' in some pagan beliefs? to know the shadow, to work with your shadow, your hidden parts, to become a better person/practitioner and take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually? could be another aspect they took into account with it being a supernatural game and saw the connection between science and supernatural belief?
asylum fan 2021
asylum fan 2021 преди месец
Alan wake wrote the whole game in order to makes Jessie find him and save him from the darkness(that dark thing which is another object of power in that lake in alan wake game or last control dlc) so he can stop it before it spread around the world but it's too late in next game the whole world will enter the nightmare
ShadowClaw преди месец
Ok but what about Control , Alan Wake and Quantum Breake being connected
Emanuel Torres
Emanuel Torres преди месец
I know its really late but can you pls do a theory on the elder scrolls?
Daeshuan Weston
Daeshuan Weston преди месец
I.learned a shite ton from this video. Thank you soooo much.
Josh Reid
Josh Reid преди месец
Austin... I don't know a single thing about this game other than telekinesis shenanigans... As of 2:30, you have my attention, and I love how your calm, "Let's go." made me shiver. Also THE SCIENCE OF EKKO'S Z-DRIVE FROM LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, come on man.
will wagner
will wagner преди месец
I think the part you got wrong was Jessie was the shadow of Dylan. She was a creation from a lonly little boy looking for a big sister to protect him. This would help explain how Jessie got away, she wasn't on any of the records. Also it seams like the things that happen to them make a little more sense if the memory's were a boy. The things like violence, and being left alone playing in a big junk heap are more things associated with boys then girls. Then when the hiss was growing in power her own power would call her to try and save her real body trapped inside. That would also explain why she wasn't infected until she was in contact with Dylan for a time, he was infected but she wasn't enough of a real person to be infected. Also explains how she can quickly gain such control over the objects so fast. She is also an anomaly so resonating with the objects is much easier. I think that mite also explain why Anti likes her so much, he too in a way is just an anomaly and can see it in her.
will wagner
will wagner преди месец
@ShadowClaw Yes but After and to convince her it didn't happen.
ShadowClaw преди месец
Wasn’t there was audio tape of Jessie talking with therapist
Eero Rantanen
Eero Rantanen преди месец
This video came out literally 2 days after I started playing Control for the first time, so I had to speedrun through the entire game to watch this without being spoiled, only for me to forget this video's existance for a month
METALLICA преди месец
4:00 i prefer to say it is the scp foundation of america only, or the part of FBI for anomalus if you kwon about groups of interest
Paragon преди месец
Please do quantum break
Nightmare Bön Bön!
Nightmare Bön Bön! преди месец
That's me right there- 2:37
Tetra Sky
Tetra Sky преди месец
and that's a theory, a GAME theory.
Not Harry
Not Harry преди месец
i really love Control, thanks for the video!
Not Harry
Not Harry преди месец
oh my god they already have a recap in the video and i just watched a 10min recap vid, after playing control for 5 hours what a waste of time
WolfAssassin999 преди месец
me playing the game. "Did he suicide." Also me."So he was shot by a floating gun?!?!"
TRUE DARK Enitiy преди месец
Seure Contain Protect
Streamer Yasi
Streamer Yasi преди месец
Austin uploaded this video right when i finished Control that time, waited this long to watch it xD
Random Duck
Random Duck преди месец
I started playing control but didn’t really enjoy it too much so I stopped, but I love watching theories. I have a problem
Light Knight
Light Knight преди месец
mohamed elsheikh
mohamed elsheikh преди месец
Soooo. the SCP foundation?
MrBoom_Doom:}:: преди месец
Bad man
Darrin Gray
Darrin Gray преди месец
I hope you can do more of this
Mr. Wisk
Mr. Wisk преди месец
spoilers surprised pikachu face
Harry Potter Mega fan 1
Harry Potter Mega fan 1 преди месец
Persona and shin magamitensei fans rise up and salute the psychologist that brought us personas and shadows, the metaverse and the Velvet room. Carl Jung
The Stranger Sound
The Stranger Sound преди месец
After finishing this game just a couple days ago, I am absolutely happy to find that my personal theory isn't just mine xD
nookleer преди месец
I have to tell you.. often I feel some of these are just fun, wacky conjectures.. but I think you are 100% right on this one.
Brian Quintero
Brian Quintero преди месец
Where mat pat
Tegan преди месец
Austin hosts twice a month. He has done that for a decade. This is nothing new.
Alexis Bagacina
Alexis Bagacina преди месец
Just curious though, will can this type of theory can be connected to the movie titled "A Monster calls" how the monster act some what his subconscious or shadow
Gingerfrost преди месец
Nooooooo he brought up Alan wake and ran away. Come back, Alan wake is awesome...... Come back.
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor преди месец
Please make more videos. Like one a week
Tristan Connor
Tristan Connor преди месец
Red green and yellow is Matt Pat blue is Austin What I mean by this is the color of the text on the thumbnail
Major Ghoul
Major Ghoul преди месец
Here's a fun idea for a Science of video, would it be possible for machines to run on blood like in Ultrakill?
Neta Hamiel
Neta Hamiel преди месец
sorry for the nitpick but the slide projector is an Altered Item, not an Object of Power...
Timothy McKane
Timothy McKane преди месец
I just beating the game last night, and I didn't even know that you can actually talk to Dylan (which I didn't actually do sadly).
Sheesh Media
Sheesh Media преди месец
if you wanna see your shadow try shrooms maybe lol
Kinos141 преди месец
Since not looking at a fridge can suck you into a alternate dimension, anything is possible.
TheCheesenPanzer преди месец
Video 5 of posting about otamatone lore
Lenta Jzx
Lenta Jzx преди месец
This game is well put together. It got me hook right away it was really really intriguing!💪🏽
Damon Mackwood
Damon Mackwood преди месец
Stepping through my shadow Coming out the other side
That one Cod guy
That one Cod guy преди месец
Wheres richest characters in gaming part 3?
rizzy преди месец
i want to play this game but even with my rig i cant run it without having 30 fps :(
nicholas garrett
nicholas garrett преди месец
Amazing theory
Scott Feng
Scott Feng преди месец
*Persona 5 has entered the chat*
Asdrubal Leon
Asdrubal Leon преди месец
I love this game! there's a lot of unexplained stuff but that's what makes it exciting
Am I the only one who, when he said, "lovecraftian sound monsters" thought, "pattern screamers"?
mrfuzzysg преди месец
Feels like a reach, specifically because we have no evidence in files or otherwise that the slide projector is capable of splitting personalities. It simply projects a doorway to other realities using slides, and without the slides it does nothing. I'm not saying for certain that the theory isn't possible but I don't see the slide projector being the culprit, unless it's the first OOP with a multiplicity of functions.
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